Sunday, December 2, 2012


Advent's here, when we look to the past for the first coming of Christ, when the Word was made Flesh, and to the future, when He will come to judge the quick and the dead and the world by fire. Also to the present, as Our Lord arrives daily to His faithful people.

So let's get serious by way of this quote from FJH:

"The old world is destroyed and a soulless world takes its place. Art is subsumed within the abstract because there is nothing concrete worth portraying. Music becomes discordant or banal for lack of spiritual harmony. Theatre devotes itself to the absurd and television to a perpetual portrayal of sexual relationships that produce neither children nor lasting friendship. No longer believing he is made in the image of God, Western man is suffering from an identity crisis he is unable to resolve. He is being persecuted by an uncontrollable ideology of his own making."

I'll leave you to draw the correlation with John the Baptist's call.

God bless,



David Corey said...

Key word: Repent!

Great analysis by FJH.

LSP said...

Got it in one!

LSP said...

+ glad you like the FJH quote -- there's a fair bit of that kind of thing in the "collection"...

Silverfiddle said...

I love the quote. Who is FJH?

LSP said...

FJH was my father, Silverfiddle. I'm putting a collection of his essays together and that quote sprung out at me. Glad you liked it!