Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

A strange thing happened after saying the first Mass of the evening. I went to visit a parishioner's friend, just to say a cheery Merry Christmas and she asked: 

"Where are you from?"
"England," I replied.
"Yes, I can see that. But where from?"
"I love London. My friends say 'where do you stay when you go to Europe?' I tell them 'London, of course, it is the best of those cities.'"

I agreed because I was being polite and thought she was right. But where did she stay when she went to "Town"? She liked the Dorchester, understandably, and I told her that I saw Mr. Cash there once, in the restaurant. He was wearing black, predictably. She liked that and told me a story about a Roman Catholic priest who took his dogs to Mass.

Nothing too weird abut that, you think. Just another snobby LSP conversation. But not so fast. As I was leaving, my friend showed me the garage, which was large. And just as well, because it held about as many vintage Rolls Royce motor cars as I've ever seen. A lot, and all of them immaculate.

This happened in Slap-Out Texas, aka Hubbard. 

Who knew?

Merry Christmas,



Adrienne said...

A garage full of vintage RR's? Good grief - that must have been quite a sight.

Merry Christmas, LSP...

LSP said...

I stood there, mouth open in amazement. There were lots of cars, all of them in perfect condition. Remarkable.

Merry Christmas!

Borepatch said...

Which is more surprising: someone from Hubbard visiting London, or someone from London visiting Hubbard?


Happy Christmas, LSP.

LSP said...

That, Borepatch, is a very good question and I'm not sure I can answer it. But what really took me aback were all these cars. Kind of jaw dropping. Maybe the Spirit of Christmas will give me one and I can buy a ranch. Please.

Merry Christmas!

Thirs News said...

I love that about Texas -I mean old money, and the 'I don't give a crap' mentality; it reminds me of my childhood adventures, with British connections.

I can recall the museum sending a handsome conniver to try to con art from a little old lady I knew -looking back now, it was a poor performance, as he was batting for the wrong team, and she wasn't a fool. IIRC, before her privileged life, this woman had been a governess -Is that not a political minefield training ground?

My favorite part of London is not a place but just getting lost in bookstores. I don't know how you tolerated the weather, but yes, the shops, and open markets are worth a vacation. I love chestnuts from street vendors, and carolers on the street -it is positively Dickensian in my mind but only after the manes visits -the happy parts!

LSP said...

I love those book stores, 3rd News.