Monday, November 20, 2023

Take The Money And Run


Hey now, don't discount the butcher bill. Just take the money and run, eh?

What are we, helpless?

Your Old Pal,



Dad of Six said...

Are you bashing the greatest fighter of all time, Volodymyr Zelensky? Why everyday, he's at the front line with his AK killing Ruskies and knocking out tanks with his bazooka. As to President Biden, we'll never know how good the Navy football team would have been with him at the helm instead of Roger Staubach. And don't you know his son Beau was killed in Iraq when he took on an armored division all by himself?

I think you need to report yourself LSP

LSP said...

OK, DOS, time to 'fess up.

This shallow and flippant post was really an excuse to post, yet again, Mr. Miller's classic.

I know, I know, off to the reeducation camp, dammit, yet again.

Mike_C said...

Dear Leader Zelenskyy is no doubt personally killing boatloads of dirty godless commie Russians every day. All hail Zelenskyy Slayer of Slavs! But Dear Z’s rooskie body count is a mere rounding error compared the the number of Ukrainian deaths he is responsible for. Vlodo is giving his cousin Kaganovich (and Molotov) a run for their money. Holodomor? What Holodomor? Just anti-Z propaganda.

LSP said...

Right with you, Mike.