Monday, November 27, 2023

Just throwing It Out There


Thank Gaia the Left is in control of everything

A dime for a cup of coffee? Good luck with the Bidenomics, fool. Then there's Ukraine, how many millionaires have become multimillionaires dealing on the we must stop evil Putin autocrat before he invades us all and bans trans bathrooms!

Pax et Bonum,



RHT447 said...

How about $16.10 for a meal at Mickey D's?

Ukraine. Am seeing reports of somewhere around one million killed/missing.

Old NFO said...

Oldie but a goody!

LL said...

They would seem to be Thanksgiving?

LSP said...

I saw that too, RHT, something like 1.2 m killed/missing. Heinous.

The UKR source took it down pretty dam sharpish.

LSP said...

What a classic, NFO! Weird that I got into it in England... in the '80s... Huh.

I recall one anarcho squatter saying, in Hackney, London, "I thought the Dead would be really good, but they're just a country and western band."

What an idiot, and that's just politically.

LSP said...

LL, the Dead were not at our Thanksgiving. But standing rib was, it worked out well. Oh, I seem to remember a young Grace Slick made an appearance, which was cool.