Sunday, November 19, 2023



I wish I was in Dixie and hey, so does a massive chunk of California, Alberta and everywhere else. But what am I saying, I am in Dixie and thank God for that. But what do you know about Dixie, so-called "LSP," if that's your real name, which we doubt, aren't you a Brit?

Yes, famously, but not so fast, loyal Sons of the South, Ma LSP's people helped settle Denton, Jagoe style. Is Texanicity determined by... female bloodline? Yeah it is, everyone knows this, and you can imagine raised eyebrows when she married a Yankee and went to England on the Queen Mary France. Think, back when travel was civilized.

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Speaking of which, I recall an afternoon at the Denton Country Club. There we were, sitting in some kind of attractively unreformed 1950s anteroom, full of club diners, nice. And what does Pa LSP do? Announce loudly, mas gusto, I think I'll vote Democrat. Per the fickle beast of memory, you could've heard a pin drop.

My, what an old terrorist! And he confessed, over whatever offerings the DCC happened to serve up on that teak paneled day, "The parties have reversed." Right on, Pops, good late '90s insight, but he was smart, Canon Theologian and all of that, he saw Dixie was right.

I won't bang on, all hail the WEF and its NWO satraps.

Your old Pal,



Mike_C said...

> Is Texanicity determined by... female bloodline?

So … you’re Halach-ally (halakally?) Texan? Who knew? I learn something new each day.

LSP said...

MC, quite.

LindaG said...

Praying you will be safe from Monday's weather, Parson.
God bless.

LSP said...

Thank you, Linda.

LL said...

The winter Canadian wind blew you home. Good!

Wild, wild west said...

Hail the NWO???????


You see what I did there, yes?

seamus1962 said...

My maternal Grandfather was the president of Texas Military Institute when it was not co-ed and a real military program. Some fancy folks went there (MacArthur) - I love Texas and we would visit every year (from yankee states). :) We would sit at his table for mess (dinner) and it didn't dawn on me until I was an adult that our new buddy (8th grader) was the crown prince of Saudi Arabia .... Texas is awesome.

LSP said...

Thanks for the welcome, LL! It's good to be back, though it would've been fun to stay a few more days. Man, there's good Chinese food in that city, as I know you know.

LSP said...

Excellent, Wild!

LSP said...

What a neat story, seamus, I love that.

We used to visit every year from Wisconsin back in the early '70s and I was always wowed by the changing Dallas skyline as well as someone's open top Mercedes sports, which we'd sit in the back of on the way to halcyon afternoons at the club pool. What a lot of fun.

LSP said...

That's what I understand, LL. Wow, we feasted.

Nothing like it here, unless I'm missing something. Maybe in Austin?