Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Well Shoot


"Dad, let's go for a shoot." I thought about this, "What kind of shoot?" The once and maybe future Cadet replied, "A pistol shoot, my pal's never shot one because Canada and needs to get on it." I reflected on this, "D'ye know what .45 ACP costs, son?" and long story short, loaded up some guns in the rig and headed for the range.

First up, a no name Italian O/U 12 and a CZ 20 SxS, would the skeet survive the flak barrage? At first they did but we warmed up, smoking those clays like orange Focke Wulf's going down over France. Nice, good work, if remedial for me.

Then we moved on to .45 and I was genuinely impressed by the kids, really good shooting. Well done boys, and especially Canadian pal, right on in there without any prior experience, a natural. Hey, shoot on, and so we did, finishing up with a Ruger American .22 against random clays, shotgun shells, and assorted steel at 50 and 100 yards. Big fun.

Mission accomplished, we headed back to base and ordered pizza, cleaned weapons and all was well. What a great afternoon in the field.




LL said...

So...you brought the troops from DLC - Calgary Platoon to augment the garrison at the compound. Then, immediately off to the rifle drill. I didn't see sabers and the quatrain being assaulted from horseback so infantry tactics only. I have to assume these things because I'm operating on scanty info.

LSP said...

LL, forgive comms disruption. Suffice to say, the cadets did well. Of course they must do far better yet. And yes, saber drill's an issue.

They acquitted themselves well on pistol, though. I was impressed.

Wild, wild west said...

It is customary to blow "boots and saddles" to summon the troops for drill. The proprieties must be observed.


Ritchie said...

Good on ya, ya subversive Yank. Save all the brasses.
"Thems no good 'thout brasses"

LSP said...

Wild, what an excellent infovid!

You'll be glad to know the Courthouse on the town square plays Retreat at 5.00 pm.

LSP said...

Yes indeed, Ritchie.

Wild, wild west said...

Outstanding! One of the few things I actually miss from my time in uniform was Retreat and To the Colors at 5 PM.

Unless they also blow Reveille at 6 AM, I'm moving to Hillsboro.

LSP said...

Wild, you're in luck, no Reveille.

Hmmm, this town must be slacking.