Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Remove Kebab?


We love classical music. This piece is entitled Remove Kebab. Don't say Maestro.




Kid said...

Music doesn't match the fingering.

Vladimir was obviously happy about DJT's upcoming landslide win though.

Jim said...

I've seen the original, Serbia Strong. There are a lot of parodies out there.

LSP said...

Russia and America, forming an alliance to destroy the Jihad.


Thank God the Democrats stopped that.

Kid, has there ever been such vested wickedness walled up against the common good? And let's not forget, Vlad's Russia is Christian, we're not even allowed to pray in school. So which country's the commie? Just sayn.

LSP said...

Oh yes, Jim.

Now, will Putin take Constantinople back and remove the kebabs? You know the Patriarch of Moscow is suggesting it.

A fourth Rome there shall never be.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Kebabs are a skewer.
Trump kebabs lefties.
Long live kebabs.

Bob said...

Russia does have some points to be envious about, especially in the not taking any S* category, but the folks living there seem too content with the sucky standard of living. The vast majority live in effeciency apartments in huge apartment blocks. The single family homes, mostly in a country setting, all look like they need condemned. They say the food in wonderful though. And the ladies are mostly attractive.

Yes, many Americans are living the grand illusion.

Julie Culshaw said...

THat's dubbed. Watch his fingers, they don't correspond to those notes. Takes a pianist to know.

LSP said...

I like that short poem a lot, Ed.

LSP said...

"effeciency apartments in huge apartment blocks"

Exactly, Bob. Good work, commies. Nice legacy.

LSP said...

Julie, you noticed. But hey, Russia's strongman isn't shy to put finger to keyboard.