Monday, October 19, 2020

Walk Like an Egyptian? Grill Like a Chieftain

Like an Egyptian? Well, not really but the catchy jingle ran through my head as I passed the jolly old Meth Shack. It's empty now, sadly, and sits disconsolate, waiting for new tenants. I kept walking.

Meth Shack

All the way to the early voting station, where I stood in line waiting to cast my vote with all the other patriots. Or Bolsheviks. Were there any? Hard to tell but I haven't seen this kind of enthusiasm for an early vote ever.

Typical voters

Speaking of which, early voting data shows a large surge for 45, not least in Texas, and no wonder. The corporate sponsored Democrat Communists have made the killer virus that hardly kills anyone part of their platform. 

Whoa... I think I need one

So guess what, all their people are too scared to get out and vote, the virus will kill us!  And on the other hand, they can't be bothered to go to the polls because the Biden/Kamala ticket's so incredibly rubbish. Who wants to vote for that? Then there's the hugely popular riots. Yeah, what a winner.


Good electoral strategy, guys. Seriously, who's responsible for the K Street genius PR firm? That in mind, I stood in line and cast my vote against Marxism and the corrupt, opportunist crime families who push this odious ideology.


Then it was back to the Compound and its grill. Smoke ensued, meat was added to heat and all was well with the world. Burgers were close to perfect, too.

Gator or would that be Caiman?

Your friendly Old Pal,



drjim said...

We finished our ballots, and took them to the courthouse today. Lots of weasel-worded measures that took a few days each to fully understand. One race had a Dem and a Libertarian running, with no Rep! For the first time in my life I voted for a Libertarian candidate.

I feel so sad, but it was a vote against a Dem.

The burgers look excellent. We might get a few more grilling sessions in before I shut the grill down for the season. Got some elk burgers we've been saving. Maybe we should grill them November 4th?

Fredd said...

Just like the ball peen hammer, what caught Fredd's eye? The boat. Which you don't need.

Stick with the striper guide. Cheaper.

Anonymous said...

As a routine reader of the LSP, I've wondered if the Brit votes in Texas. The Queen's loss is our gain. And, I fear HM has lost much over the past few decades.
Keep praying.

Old NFO said...

Burgers are GOOD! Check this link, they go into detail on a bunch of local ones...

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I will be voting early. First time I've ever done that. Oh well, Biden will win by a double-digit landslide. At least that's what our trustworthy MSM keep telling me.

Jim said...

I'll be voting on election day. One advantage to living in a low population area is short or no lines on any election day. I can't wait. I'm getting tired of that ad every time I try to watch a video on YouTube where a man claims to be a republican and Trump supporter but is voting for the donkey senate candidate. Enough already.

LSP said...

Well done on the vote, drjim. Straight Republican ticket here and early indications suggest a big GOP turnout in Texas.

At this point, how can a Christian or anyone of sense vote Dem? Beats me, abortion, trannies, hate America, get rid of the border, abolish the police, ship our jobs to China so Joe can get even richer and on.

Good luck with the grilling!

LSP said...

Dammit, Fredd. I was hoping you wouldn't notice the boat. A bit like the hammer.

Well there goes that nifty plan outta the window. And now I want to get on the water and catch the mighty striper. Hmmmm.

LSP said...

I fear you're right, Anon. And yes, I cast my vote yesterday (dual cit) against the commies.

Will be sure to keep up the prayers.

LSP said...

Wow, NFO!

That's quite a link.

Will I try and replicate some of those burgers? YES. Probably the first two, though all looked awesome.

LSP said...

Infidel, I don't see the Island turning red anytime soon because the turkeys insist on voting for Christmas. Maybe, when Manhattan goes full Robocop, things will improve.

Hope springs eternal. But hey, Giuliani happened, so.

LSP said...

Right on, Jim.

I've NEVER voted early until this year. I thought it important, somehow.