Monday, October 26, 2020

It Began to Rain


Yes, it's raining as I type this letter from the front, the front of our War Against The Weather (WATW). But unlike Wales, the Republic of Texas allows its citizens to leave their homes and buy things, or just drive around or even walk about outside. 

You can't do that in Wales because buying things, driving, and walking in the land of the leek will give you the China virus and then you'll die, except that you won't. Instead, you have to stay at home and work hard at not killing everyone in your miserable bedsit.

Can't Buy Things in Wales or You'll Die

In other news, the Isle of Wight has apparently become a Mohammedan pirate haven. Just yesterday an oil tanker was hijacked by bloodthirsty corsairs to the east of the mysterious island, forcing the fabled Special Boat Service (SBS) to board and seize the ship. They did so in 7 minutes, quick work by anyone's standard. Well done. Anonymous, if you were in on it, congratulations.

Left: Isle of Wight Pirate Haven. Right: Tanker Captured by Pirates Seen From Pirate Haven

Speaking of anonymous, one reader has questioned the reality of Clown Masses. Is this for real? Is seeing believing or some kind of twisted satire? No, it's all true and plays to the point that clowns have taken over the cathedral. Here, look at this, from from Southwark:

A Typical Worship Scene in Southwark Cathedral

But more on the ecclesial clown phenomena later. In the meanwhile, as warming chili simmers in the pot, I leave you with zombies.


Be safe, we're all in this together!




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Joke I heard. A zombie looking for a brain just walks by you. Is your name Biden?

LL said...

Texas needs the rain. Here at the White Wolf Mine, the rain is more solid in the form of snow, or frozen water, if you prefer. The temp tonight is 25, feels-like-seven. I have the heater on. Tomorrow I'll call you, make a fire, and make chili. Not in that order.

LSP said...

I almost feel sorry for Biden, WSF. Almost.

LSP said...

Fun talking, LL. Feels like snow here too, weirdly. We're obviously moving into a new ice age and have to raise taxes. That'll solve it.