Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Criminality And Vice Pt. 2


Tucker Carlson was going to air documents detailing the Biden family's egregious criminality and vice this evening. But the documents vanished in transit between New York and Los Angeles.

Here's Tucker:

"The company security team interviewed every one of its employees who touched the envelope we sent. They searched the plane, and the trucks that carried it, they went through the office in New York where our producer dropped that package off, they combed the entire cavernous sorting facility, they used pictures of what we had sent, so that searchers would know what to look for. 

"They went far and beyond, but they found nothing. Those documents have vanished. As of tonight, the company has no idea and no working theory either about what happened to this trove of materials, documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign just six days from now."


Wow. Pause for a moment to reflect on what this means and what it took to achieve it. Are we at the silenced .22 LR stage of the crime syndicate coup against an elected president? Maybe not quite but still, Mr. Carlson, hope you've got excellent security.

And maybe those documents were copied, multiple times. No one would ever think of sharing them, surely.

Any resemblance to an action thriller spy novel's entirely coincidental. Come back, Tom Clancy, all's forgiven.

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drjim said...

As Rocky and Bullwinkle would say, "I hope No One Sickens as The Plot Starts To Thicken"....

The "envelope" should have been sent via a different method.

Perhaps it was, and the real envelope is in safe hands, and the decoy envelope just has a piece of paper with a great big "FU" written on it.....

LL said...

The democrat party is engaged in a war to create a single party system in America.

The Republicans are playing by Marquis of Queensbury Rules where gentlemen don't read other gentlemen's mail. And that seems to be how it's always going to be because of the belief in the rule of law, etc.


I would not be surprised, AT ALL, if post-election people on our side start mysteriously dropping.

If, Hashem please, Trump does win and holds it, we retake the House and keep the Senate, that there start to be actual attempts on his life. Hashem protect him.

RHT447 said...

Comments over at Peter's place--

"The Republicans are playing by Marquis of Queensbury Rules..."

This. Before we escaped Kalifornia, I was invited to an ad hoc meet of a local group calling themselves, IIRC, The Butte County Tax Payers Assoc. All good God fearing, hard working conservative folks. They spoke earnestly of writing letters and making phone calls, getting the word out. I remember the sinking feeling in my gut at the time--you good folks are still playing by the rules, and our enemies are running down dark alleys in the night slitting throats.

Anonymous said...

I have seen reports this morning that Mr Tucker did have copies of all of the lost papers. Which is a lesson that everyone needs to learn quick.

My own brush with this happened when I submitted for VA Disability and was required to submit ALL med records along with the application. Several Vets warned me and my awesome wife took the time to copy medical records covering 25 years of service (about 4 inches thick) AND we made sure we submitted the COPIES (Always keep the originals). Sure enough one month after we submitted we were informed that the VA had "lost" our entire package.

We re-submitted with another set of copies before the week was out.

Be prepared and ask yourself what would happen if someone wanted to stop you from doing the right thing, and plan accordingly.

MSG Grumpy

Kid said...

Why send original 'only copy' documents in one package via commercial. Heck, coulda been sent electronically. Very amatuer. Like Rachael Madcow amatuer. Perhaps they wanted them stolen after someone made them an offer they couldn't refuse.....

Crime levels off the Richter scale since the morons put the radical moslem POS in the white house. Twice.

I predict zero indictments. Faggadaboudeeet.

Adrienne said...


Kid said...

Guess they weren't the only copies. I gotta stop listening to my cat.

LSP said...

I was thinking just that, drjim. It's been found by UPS, apparently.

LSP said...

But LL, let's not forget their own corruption in the massive, conniving pay to play enrichment scheme that is US governance.

LSP said...

N -- I echo that intention at the Altar and in prayer daily.

LSP said...

RHT, exactly.

There's a war on.

LSP said...

Anon, I've heard the exact same VA story from lots of people. Glad it worked out. Me? I have no health benefits, which is fine until you hurt yourself.

Saying that, Baylor wrote off/cancelled my arab woman surgery costs (bucked off horse etc). No kidding. Indigent, you see.

Therein lies another tale.

MAGA 2020.

LSP said...

Mr. Kid, I agree.

Were the missing docs part of a cunning Tucker/Fox PR scheme? Maybe. And guess what, I don't care. Bad PR for the Bidenfeldt.

Perhaps your cat has a point?

LSP said...

Adrienne, they're shocking wicked.


Two quotes I've spun off - so shameless self-promotion here:

There is no safety for America than to expect every evil of Democrats.

I'd sooner French-kiss a rattlesnake than trust a Democrats.