Saturday, October 10, 2020


 ‘through vows and prayers alone we must seek security, whether those creatures are of heaven or uncanny birds of ill omen.’  Virgil.

Thanks to an influential art blogger everyone knows about Harpy Eagles. Harpy Eagles circle above places like Surbiton and swoop down on XR vegans, literally carrying them off to their eyries in Epping Forest.

Harpies watch, then they dive in for the kill, gripping their tofu-chewing prey with razor sharp talons and ferocious beaks.

Harpy Eagles scorn wymxn priestess figures too, and don't even bother to take them back to their forests for food. They just attack, savagely.

You're probably thinking of crossing a Harpy Eagle and arguing with it. Go right ahead and find out what happens. Good luck with that.

Speaking of which, Hillary Clinton and the Cabal have not been brought to justice, yet. Do you hear the sound of beating wings?




RHT447 said...

Harpy Eagle talons--

As you said, good luck with that. I hope Hillary hears wing beats. Then silence. There are no wing beats in a dive.

LL said...

Hillary and her flying Monkeys didn't stack up well to Trump's eagles.

Jules said...

A vicious beast, the Harpy.

Kid said...

May the clinton beast receive its just rewards

Jim said...

Think I could get some to nest up in Kansas City and Lawrence?

LSP said...

Juliette, imagine the lone scout Harpy overwatching the suburbs, perhaps it's London. Blink. Then DIVE down onto the tofu-scoffing vegan, who's carried off into the air, shrieking. Well, whoever said nature was nice?

Good to know the Sherwood Eagles are with you.

LSP said...

That's a SIGNIFICANT talon, RHT.

"There are no wing beats in a dive."

I like the poetry.


PS. Looking forward to Tues

LSP said...

They're a most ferocious force, LL.

Of course the Dems thought they'd achieve a parallel Varus but seem to have missed the mark. Will the Eagles take the CRONE to its rightful place of confinement? We can but hope.

LSP said...

With you there, Kid.

LSP said...

Jim, you could lure them in with the promise of a hearty meal and sweet liberal tears to wash it down.