Monday, October 5, 2020


Have you been scared of the virus and had to stay at home, cowering like a frightened little girl in your basement or whatever safe space came to hand? Such an awful affliction.

Here at the Compound we feel your onesie latte pain and want to help. Yes, with Blue Oyster Cult's notoriously awesome Don't Fear The Reaper.




Ed Bonderenka said...

I love Donald's admonition to not fear the Covid.
I was concerned when I heard he had learned something about it.
I'm thrilled that this is what he learned.

I met a friend of mine from the service a while back.
One of the first things he remarked was that his kids love Blue Oyster Cult and never having met me, they were glad I turned him on to it so that he could in turn expose them.
In hindsight, as a Christian, I'm not sure that's a good thing.
Especially the Seven Screaming Dizzbusters.

Adrienne said...

I'm still busy pondering the vineyard, LSP. That will keep me busy for many more days.

LL said...

There is a particular fear of the unknown, especially among the secular elites. The fact that hearses don't have luggage racks disturbs them. They have to leave this world naked and screaming the same way that they arrived - as do we all. They have no interest in crossing through the eye of the needle, unburdened by things, on their knees.

Jim said...

Never had a case of coronaphobia so hiding out isn't necessary and neither is socialist distancing. Time for more coffee.

LSP said...

Ed, Diz Busters!

BOC aside, I reckon 45's handled this deal like a BOSS.

LSP said...

Adrienne, me too! Seriously.

There's a weight of meaning in the parable. Does it recapitulate Christ's nature, mission and our salvation, ie the whole thing? I think perhaps it does.

LSP said...

Wow, LL.

The eye of the needle.

No small thing to conjure with.

Have you listened to the media's commentary on the president addressing the nation from the steps of the White House, without a mask? They sound shrill, sneering, demonic. I'd argue the good v. evil, dark v. light battle's coming into sharper and sharper relief.

LSP said...

Ha, Jim! Socialist distancing. Nice.