Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Vespers


Keen-eyed readers of this liturgical mind blog will appreciate the photo of LL standing guard on the summit of his mountainous stronghold, high on the Mogollon Rim. Others may simply enjoy Wishbone Ash, or not. No rule.

But in keeping with Argus' classical theme:

Rather good, eh? In other news, the religion of peace beheaded a teacher in Paris for daring to show his class a drawmo. The peaceful member of TROP was shot dead by police. 

Here in the US, the seething mass of corruption that is our political elite continues to unfold, don't say laptop, and more seriously, Old NFO has published a moving sermon. Read it here.

Nunc Dimittis,



LSP said...

Well you're all obvs Ciceronians who scorn the excellent Wishbone Ash. Hmmmm.

Wild, wild west said...

Not so all of us. I had forgotten about Wishbone Ash, thanks for the reminder.

LSP said...

Thanks, WWW. I like a blast of Argus from time to time :) Unlike, apparently, everyone else on this mind blog. Maybe they were put off by Clodius' street thug.