Thursday, October 22, 2020

Presidential Debate


Did you watch Biden's scripted, stumbling, lying, fakey, fraudulent, unconvincing, pathetic, weak, pale, corrupt, inconsequential, China scripted attempt to debate Trump? Remember the sinister Urfa Man? 

Wow, that's your boy, Democrats. To say nothing of Alpha meets Beta.

E Pluribus,



Fredd said...

No, I did not watch it, Padre. I already voted yesterday, no need to see Trump's mike get shut off, or more lying and denying from Joe 'I never said I opposed fracking' Biden.

Guess who I vote for? Hint: not Joe.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I didn't watch it. My hardcore Democrat neighbors in our hall had a watch party two doors down. The Coven had a watch party on the other end of the hall (building is 1/4 mile long). Both groups invited me. I've already voted (mail ballot in CO) so declined. After the elections is over I will still be living here and my mouth has a tendency to overload my posterior.

Adrienne said...

History shows again and again
How nature points up the folly of man.


Pride and greed will get you every time!

Good thing I didn't participate in a drinking game over "C'mon man." What kind of an ignorant adult talks like that? Reminds me of my ex-brother's favorite thingie - "you da man." Cringe.

My copy of Theology and Sanity is out for delivery. Yay! Perfect for a snowing day in North Idaho. But first - a shower to get the dang paint out of my hair. Note to self - when painting overhead, wear a hat.

LL said...

Come on, Man. While it's true that he hasn't done anything for 47 years, Creepy Joe wants just one more chance at that big Chinese money.

LSP said...

I wasn't going to watch it either, Fredd, for the same reasons. And I got into a conversation with a rancher who wanted to tell me about getting attacked by bees. But the conversation ended and I tuned in.

45 was on good form, like a calm Godzilla, Biden useless and the presenter alright(ish).

LSP said...

Wisdom, WSF.

But Trump was good, showed up Creeper as pathetic, scripted and weak. Better by far than the first effort, which was a sh*tshow. But maybe that was intended?

LSP said...

Adrienne, the inside of the Compound's lodge is badly in need of a respray... I've been putting it off.

But Trump did well last night, like a calm Godzilla, versus the stumbling, fakey, scripted Creeper.

LSP said...

I've been thinking, LL, please don't laugh, could it be that Biden run for power has some kind of existential threat attached? As in, YOU OWE US A LOT OF MONEY, kinda thing.

I'm no expert on organized crime but feel "c'mon man!" might not cut it when it comes to what, millions++ of dollars, a few billion? in cash outstanding.

Hunter's curiously nowhere to be seen.

The Harpy's wings beat.

Adrienne said...

I'd be happy to paint the inside of your house. Outside? No! While climbing up my extension ladder outside I often think of all those painters when your compound was painted with their outside house painting equipment and I'm so jealous. I still have one teeny area to paint after the snow melts. And........if it doesn't get painted until spring - oh well. What took so long was all the repairs that needed doing - mostly caulk and epoxy wood filler. But, I will say, the house looks splendid!