Tuesday, June 16, 2020

You Fool No One


Your Old Pal,



LL said...

He sits at the top of a multi-hundred billion dollar corporation with people who bow and scrape to his every whim. He can glorify abominations and can sup with kings. As a demi-God, he doesn't need the approbation of mere mortals.

Anonymous said...

He is a French stooge who worked for ELF-Aquitaine, an arm of the French Intelligence Services , in Nigeria. He had left the company by the time its activities came to light and his former colleagues ended up in prison. If you have been exploiting African Oil for the French government, bribing the local government and its officials and then bang on about BLM, it might be uncharitably seen as a crude attempt to deflect attention from your own complicity?

Adrienne said...

He and James Martin would make such a cute couple. Blech!

LSP said...

That's our Justsin, LL.

I've heard he's "depressed" lately.


LSP said...

People forget about Justsin's relationship with Elf, Anon. Perhaps he repented but even so, now he's depressed because of a sense of unforgiven guilt?

Whatever the case, the faux African shirt's a pathetic attempt at virtue-signalling. Can't you even do that right, Justsin?

LSP said...

Adrienne, I don't feel well now.