Monday, June 15, 2020

You Vicious Little Marxist!

Lynyrd Skynrd and Sweet Home Alabama were too much for the Compound's progleft laptop, one fatal step too far. Enraged, the machine mutinied on Saturday night, taking a BLM knee and going full Black Screen.

Commies Run From Cold Steel

So what to do? Take a knee in sympathy with the upstart radical nihilist, side with the revolutionary, tin-pot Maoist and bring the electronic life of the Compound back to some kind of Year Zero? No. Surrendering to its brazen sedition wasn't an option. 

Two paths to victory over the mutineer. Viz. Take the Black Screen syndicalist out to the range and shoot it. Tempting. Or, on the other hand, root out its aggressively dysfunctional thought leader and replace it with something that worked. After running a swift cost/benefit analysis  I chose the latter option.

But You Can Always Stab it With The Spyderco

In this case, a 500 GB WD SSD. Off came the back of the fractious box, out went the corrupt MQ01ABD100 Marxist and in went a sane alternative. Boom. Autonomous zone over. 

Vicious Little Maoist Removed From Power

New SSD in place, the machine booted off a flash drive and MicroRubbish Windows 10 installed seamlessly, rebellion over. Sorry, Mau-Mau, you lost this battle and lost hard.

Order Restored

There it was, a working, productive, functional machine standing proudly for God, flag, compound and country. No more knee-bending insurrection, no more Black Screen. That was over, and by way of bonus, the commie not-so-hard-drive can always be taken out in the field and shot. Result.

Draw the moral as you will,



LL said...

Black screens matter?

LindaG said...

Yup. We dismantle hard drives all the time.
Glad you were able to fix it easily.

Kid said...

So, a self-destructing SJW SSD ? Shoot it before it starts a fire somewhere.

Jim said...

As SF author H. Beam Piper once said, "A shot at a target is never wasted."

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Microsoft's operating systems are like Marvel superhero movies: Every other one sucks. And the ones that don't suck are not nearly as good as people think.

LSP said...

Well there it was, LL. Buy a new box or fix the old one.

I went down the latter path and I'm glad I did, saved 500++ bucks and got an upgrade. Nice.


LSP said...

Me too, Linda. Never can tell with tech and I was expecting all sorts of hassle. But it was seamless enough. Thank God.

Have to shoot the old HDD now.

LSP said...

Kid, that's an excellent point.

LSP said...

And it has to be said, Jim, I've got a lot of old tech just waiting for range opportunity.

LSP said...

Infidel, I like the way you speak Truth to Power.

jenny said...

hahaha! "... taking a BLM knee and going full Black Screen." This post is great!

LSP said...

It was a close run thing, Jenny, but I put down the mutiny.