Thursday, June 11, 2020

White Privilege

White privilege is great but it can get a little rusty, so I pulled the chairs off of the porch, gave 'em a quick sanding, and resprayed.

Word to the wise. Don't be fooled by cheaper sprays, they don't cover as much and the result's not as good. Use Rustoleum High Performance enamel, or something like it. Only costs a buck or two more and worth every penny.

Blue Stonewall Jackson wasn't interested in checking his privilege. No, he was all about defending it from squirrels, birds and potential protesters. He likes his privilege and wants to keep it. I often remind him that he's black and white but he foolishly ignores this, being a dog.

After a couple of hours the chairs of privilege were ready to go back on the porch, a job well done. Next step? Paint the deck, and that's tomorrow's project. For now, it's time to grill, and where's my Julep?!?

General Lee forever,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Had a conversation the other day about privilege with a woman with bi-racial children. The only privilege I can come up with, and it is a privilege, is the police seldom give me a second glance and store security doesn't follow me around - don't fit their shoplifter profile.

Those chairs look great. Perhaps you can find similar small tables to rest your adult beverages upon.

Fredd said...

Get your fill of Gen. Robert E. Lee asap, as his memory is a target for the left. If you ever get a chance, check out the mini-series released recently: "Grant." Really well done, directed by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lee gets a decent portrayal here, although is depicted as an elite for the most part (and he was). And yes, Leo is a raging leftie, but he did very well on this production. I will temporarily give him a pass for his past idiocy.

LL said...

White Chairs definitely matter, and the re-painted, re-skinned headquarters building looks a lot better than the last time I saw it. Well done, LSP.

It's good that you have Blue Stonewall there supervising though. Would you have done as good of a job had he not been there? I can't say for sure. He has a definite presence there as the elder statesman of the compound.

gL said...

"julep" -ed.

Dad of Six said...

Rustoleum is the way to go. I am a big fan of their Rusty Metal Primer as a base coat

Blue Privilege looks very capable of perimeter defense.

Ed Bonderenka said...

That's a mighty fine set of privilege there.

I was disappointed with rustoleums response to a question I had.
I painted my boat gas cans with rustoleum and per their email, top coated it with a particular clear coat they recommended to make it gas proof.
First spill, it ate away.
Two part epoxy for me.

LSP said...

Thanks, WSF. There are tables to go with the chairs, I think, I'll search around.

Good priv point and true enough, but it wouldn't be such an issue if 13% of the population didn't commit 55% of the crime and 85% of the violent crime, not least against themselves. To say nothing of fatherless families, unemployment and incarceration rates.

If the Uniparty really cared about black lives they'd sort that out, but of course they don't, and the left's content to roll out the old paradigm slogans of the '60s and '70s in the hope of votes. FFS, they've even reinvented Maoism. Huh.

LSP said...

Fredd, I scorn Leo but I'll check it out. I kinda liked Wolf of Idiot Street, btw. So.

Have you noticed that Ed has a BOAT?


LSP said...

Thanks, LL, visit when you can, we can shoot kettles and pound the mahogany.

And yes, the Elder Statesman seems to approve, and that helps with quality control. He chase a rubbish HVAC repair team away the other day. Smart dog.

LSP said...

gL, I prefer the English spelin, but corrected. Congrats, you're now an LSP proof reader. Payment? In Julips, sterling cups obvs.


LSP said...

DOS, I'm not too smart. I always try cheaper paint products, get annoyed at rubbish performance, then upgrade to the real deal. Years later I forget that I've done this and have to reinvent the wheel. But hey, Rustoleum worked for this project.

BP had the perimeter tight!

LSP said...

Thanks, Ed. This set of privileges belonged to my Great Great Grandmother, I think.

Sorry about the boat result. I don't even own a boat, which is lacking, I think. Fredd might take a contrary view.

Fredd said...

Ed's boat: you can clearly see what lies ahead for Ed. He paints his gas cans, and the effort ends in failure. No boating story ever has a happy ending. They are all more closely related to the Titanic than the Love Boat.