Monday, June 22, 2020

Tear It Down!

Who knew that June 2020 would bring a Maoist Cultural Revolution to the US, as in some kind of holographic Tet. 

Well it has, statues are toppling, cities are burning(ish) and everywhere you look it's we hate America and the West, burn it down! And replace it with what? Marixism, obviously.

That in mind, I've preached on today's leftist spasm for the last two Sundays. "If it's a statue of General Lee, George Washington and Christopher Columbus today, who's it going to be tomorrow? Watch my tracer and mark my words, they're coming for the Church. They hate us." And so they are and do.

Shaun is a Risible Mountebank White Blacktivist

A statue of St. Serra was pulled down in San Francisco the other day, his crime? Being a white oppressor. How dare he convert and love Indians. And today we've got Shaun King calling for the destruction of colonialist images of Christ and his virgin Mother. Smash it up, Shaun, you blackface mountebank.

Leaving aside the peculiarity of Shaun, who's white but pretends to be black, how are we going to react, how's white America going to react at being slandered, defaced, reviled, ridiculed and mocked by a gang of Marxists masquerading as a civil rights movement?

Teddy Roosevelt Was Awesome

Not too well, and maybe the Left will create, discover and meet the enemy that so far exists in their imagination. When that happens, and odds on it will, they won't like the beast they've made. Nor, for that matter, will the 13% of the population who commit 55% of all crime and 85% of all violent crime.

We know who they are because it's obvious. Hint, they're not White Extremists. Patience, my friends, is wearing thin.

Your Old Pal,



drjim said...

It'll go hot within a year, especially if they try "COVID: Round Two".

I sincerely hope President Trump wins reelection by an astronomical landslide, and some of the "Career Politicians" get thrown out of office.

After he's sworn in for a second term, I hope he drops a couple of large nukes on the swamp.

LSP said...

Right with you, doctor.

Adrienne said...

When (not if, but when) Trump is reelected you're going to see riots that will make the current crap look tame. I'm ready...

OT, but I wanted to tell you that I'm really, really enjoying Theology for Beginners, by F.J. Sheed. I like the way he explains stuff - with "stuff" being a fancy $10.00 word for truth. Thank you for suggesting the book.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Seen elsewhere. Beware when those who just want to be left alone get involved.

Brig said...

We've weathered riots, looters, etc before, BUT we didn't have social media and media stirring the pot to the extent we do today.
Rise up and defend, enough is enough.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I say replace the statue of Teddy Roosevelt with one of Karl Marx. I'm sure New Yorkers would appreciate a statue to their lord and king.

Anonymous said...

It's a curious time but the disappearance of the working day and its replacement with sudden unemployment for millions of people at once is going to result in troubles. Picking on static symbols is much easier than bringing about any meaningful change. What is curious about the current wave of iconoclasm is (1) the Left in politics at one time was committed to the liberal arts, to generation of new forms of expression and creativity, and especially to the creation of public works such as statues and also the last to call for censorship. Now this has evaporated.
(2) No-one is seeing fit to question the works of Robert Mablethorpe (died 1989) who produced photographic images depicting(warning - sensitive and squeamish readers please stop here) a bullwhip forced into the back passage of a naked black male. He took close up photos and then put the images on public exhibition, along with additional specifically anti-Christian output (which one need not describe here).

Mablethorpe was vocally championed by the liberal left. Doubtless if alive he would have supported BLM radicalism today and paid lip-service to minority rights, whilst maintaining his own sadistic and pornographic agenda which focused upon what he enjoyed inflicting upon living black male bodies (#MeToo would have bounced off him for obvious reasons). It doesn't do to dwell upon what he and his preferred subculture might have managed in the absence of a police force but it would be most interesting to know just why BLM activists today are not confronting his works and their contemporary promoters.

LSP said...

Adrienne, when the country goes MAGA2020 they'll most definitely be throwing their toys around the playroom. Will the GOP grow a spine and stand up? That remains to be seen.

So glad you like Sheed's book -- I return to it often because it's SO GOOD.

PS. Must return your books... haven't forgotten.

LSP said...

That, WSF, is a really good point. And scary to boot. There's only so much canting BS people will put up with.

LSP said...

I totally agree, Brig. Enough is enough.

LSP said...

Infidel! And just think, it'd be outside a museum too. But me? I think we need a gargantuan statue of Mao in Times Square. Picture the fireworks.

LSP said...

I'd totally forgotten Mablethorpe, Anon. And now I remember, thanks. Of course our friends in the BLM support that genre and have done since the jolly old Frankfort School. Is there a darker motive beyond merely degrading and defacing art and culture? I'd argue there is.