Saturday, June 6, 2020

D Day Anniversary

We invaded Hilter's Europe 76 years ago on June 6 to free that continent from the scourge of Nazism. It was an act of heroic courage. Today, on the anniversary of D Day, leftists vandalized Churchill's statue in Whitehall, London. 

Evidently the leader of Britain's war effort against the NSDAP Hitlerites wasn't anti-fascist enough; bad on Churchill for not being a Year Zero, Pol Pot, Maoist revolutionary. But that's not all, the war on history continued with brave BLM race warriors defacing Lincoln's memorial too, I guess they forgot he freed the slaves.

In a sane society, we'd all be celebrating D Day, marking the event and remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom. Perhaps we'd do that with BBQs, parades, and church. But no, we're forced to watch the nihilist Left gyrate, gurn and destroy in yet another attempt to overthrow a duly elected president in the US, and everywhere the rule of law itself. 

I am beyond disgusted with the antics of these virtue-signalling, vote harvesting clowns and the savages they've enlisted. Enough is enough.

We didn't fight the last World War only to get enslaved by another crew of freedom hating, devil-driven-insane mountebanks, and their satanic stooges. 

Stand to and that is all, except to say...




Adrienne said...

I just read The Splendid and the Vile, by Erik Larson. As Amazon says, "it's an intimate chronicle of Winston Churchill and London during the Blitz—an inspiring portrait of courage and leadership in a time of unprecedented crisis."

It's an excellent portrait of Churchill and Larson does his usual top notch job. I came away with a feeling that Trump is our Churchill. I highly recommend it.

When I saw a headline saying that Churchill's statue was defaced or harmed in some way I couldn't even read the story.

I read a lot of WWII books and these lazy filthy feral miscreants have no idea of what European people endured to bring peace to the world and how many American soldiers died. And they dare to desecrate Churchill's statue?

And, yes - D Day is completely forgotten while they steal tennis shoes and TV's.

RHT447 said...

Installed a pair of these today--

Yeah, disgusted went by some miles back.

Heard an interesting opinion today--That the whole Occupy movement was BS, that it really was just a big recruiting and community organizing effort, gathering contact info and signing up recruits for ANTIFA. The ANTIFA name is also a lie. They are just another of Hitler's SA Brownshirts.

LL said...

It's a day worth remembering. The Nazis were a scourge worth exterminating ....but wait, here comes Antifa.

Anonymous said...

The Gay community are livid - its is LBGT month in the UK and nobody is interested in them or rainbows.

Jim said...

Destruction of memorials to people better than they seems to be part of the leftist playbook.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Like LL said.

RHT447 said...

*...just another version of..."

LindaG said...

Many younger Americans don't even know what D-Day is.

Old NFO said...

Let them 'try' to bring it to the rural areas... ;-)

Anonymous said...

It worse in Westminster today and Bristol evidenced the new Red Guard of the new Cultural Revolution. Pray for England.

gL said...

It’s hard to make sense of what I just read, but here's one for you: Todays Populist rabble stooges *would actually have sided* with Chamberlain (the conservative populist), opposed Churchill, and favored appeasement w Hitler. The Alt Right in its notorious scheming to ‘correct’ history would well have curried favor w Germany of the time. (Remember Tricky Dick Spencer and his straight arm salutes of ‘hail trumpf’?)

What Churchill proposed was utterly inconvenient and reckless but absolutely moral. The Conservatives wanted the opposite, the easy and typically populist route: simple appeasement w an autocrat. Or namely to abandon the already marginalized, throw over slow and complex change, and allow havoc to be wrought on anyone who otherwise inconvenienced the conservative mainstream status quo.

Much like the ‘maga’ of today and all that america first nonsense, Chamberlain fought hard to take the path not taken, namely the one that leads to collusion w autocratic tyranny. The Axis quietly absorbing a collusive Britain, y’all came so close! So as usual LSP, we implore you to abandon your fake enthusiasms. The fact is, if Churchill had faced the likes of America 2020 under 45 he would have been pushed aside.

And I wish this wasn’t such a family paper because then I could save my worst language for the ----s that defaced Whitehall. Speaking of rabble there’s rarely worse rabble than ill-begotten Leftist rabble, so we agree there.

And for gods sake man, it's *June* 6th. Get a copy editor.

LSP said...

I'll check that book out, Adrienne, and Churchill was surely a phenomenon. He rises, for me, out of the mists of history as the last of the great Victorians, even though he was an Edwardian, but still.

Curiously, I knew a some people who bought his old apartment overlooking Westminster Cathedral in London (the Catholic cathedral). He used to stand on its roof, it was top floor, during the Blitz and watch the fight.

It was quite a thing to "hang out" in that very same space. He would've SCORNED the people who owned it but that's a very different story!

As for the two-bit Maoists of today and the UK's rainbow flag police force. Well, let's see how that works out.


LSP said...

Nice bit of kit, RHT, and I need to upgrade too. For that matter, need to get out and shoot. It's been awhile.

The Antifa phenom's curious -- Occupy doubtless fed into it and their deal/rhetoric doesn't seem to have changed since the '80s. Mind you, they've become far more rainbow and, as of the last two weeks, VERY concerned about race.

Brownshirts? I see them more as cult/rev Maoists on a genderless rainbow unicorn tip. Still, beware the goring horn and thudding hooves the vicious beast.

LSP said...

Ain't that the truth, LL. And the Met runs or sides with the Maoists. Huh. That'll end well.

LSP said...

Anon, it's a terrible rainbow of a tragedy.

LSP said...

They hate history, Jim.

LSP said...

Right on, Ed.

LSP said...

That, to me, Linda is just bizarre.

Of course they got rid of history and replaced it with some nonsense called "social studies." Who's responsible for that? Grrrrr.

LSP said...

You know what, NFO? A good part of me says "bring it on."

LSP said...

I surely will and am, Anon.

You need to mobilise the firms, imo.

This is beyond a dam joke.

LSP said...

gL, I like the Churchill/Chamberlain comparison and think it's true. I also like the May to June copy edit! (thx) But I'm confused. How would Churchill have been pushed aside viz. America 2020?

As a champion of freedom facing up to the Nazi Orange Man Bad? Well sure, if the UK 2020 tried to go against the US 2020 economically or militarily it'd be fast irrelevant. But why would a Britain first Prime Minister, and Churchill most definitely was all of that, be opposed to an America first President? I don't think that he would. Likewise, why would a man who scorned the left and championed Western Civ be against a US counterpart who shared the same values? Seems unlikely.

Far more likely, imo, is that they'd sort out a bilateral trade agreement to mutual defense, security and profit. All the while Churchill reflecting on the strangeness of a man who didn't drink and put ketchup on his steak.

Speaking of which, do you recall Churchill's visit to FDR, in which he forced the invalid patrician to drink whiskey into the early hours while jousting Shakespeare quotes (which he made up, btw...)? Amusing.

As for the Maoist rabble... grrrr.

Adrienne said...

He used to stand on its roof, it was top floor, during the Blitz and watch the fight.

That's covered in Larson's book and is something I never knew about.