Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Best Song Ever

Copy and archive this amazing song while you can. Before the Left bans it because they're all in favor of free-speech and tolerance.

But is anyone 1619 fooled? That'd depend on your 1488, right? Sorry, Lefties, the digits side with us and then some.




Lastanglosaxonking said...

I so do enjoy your wit. 1619/1488...... How refreshing to feel such a cool breese this hot summer night.

greendiver said...

Nice song I remember it through the years but I have no idea about the symbolism portrayed in it. Hearing isn't so good anymore so have difficulty picking it all up. Enjoy your blog, use to be up closer to where you are, lived in north Waco and Elm Mott. Been up to Lake Whitney and surrounding area. Now live in the deer hunting capitol of Texas. Would appreciate if you could expound a bit on the song. Librarian is quite the hottie too.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Somewhere on Twitter, and I'll have to find it again, a wit wrote that the Toto's Africa was actually a tribute to the founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Lefebre.

gL said...

You gotta go there w 1488, you just can’t help it, and w flippancy no less!, so once again I’ll point out its meaning directly for the less enlightened who love to equate it’s otherwise *deplorable* context to a cool breese (sic.) and a quick wit. You’ll smokescreen some nonsense about ha ha old chap we all know 1488 is a reference to some quixotic adventure or other. In reality ‘14’, in this context, is a reference to white national supremacist hierachy, or the 14 words. ‘88’, or “HH” in alphanumeric code, refers simply to one thing: HEIL HITLER. I do hope your otherwise challenged Dell hard drive is capable of printing all caps.

Yes yes 1619 was a long time ago, even I’ll agree. And 1488, it’s just so now, so ‘woke.’ That is, if u LSP.

LSP said...

Thanks, Last, 'preciate it.

LSP said...

greendiver, glad you enjoyed Toto's classic. I enjoy the song's afrocentric symbolism, see shield, assegai and more. Of course this enrages some, strangely.

Good luck on those deer!

LSP said...


You must find this.

LSP said...

Tried to call last night, gl, but you've either blocked me or changed your number. Whatev, hope all's well in the Motor City -- like your insta pics, btw.

But I'm confused. What are these "14 words" and why are you obsessed with volkische, Thule gematria? Perhaps you remember Shia, it didn't end well for him.

Please, gl, don't let that be you. And don't attack people who comment here, it's rude.


PS. Are you totally unaware that a famous Portugese explorer rounded the horn of Africa in 1488? See video.