Monday, March 30, 2020

The Left Fears This

Full screen, please, and can't say as I blame 'em, what? Monkey on the home team.




gL said...

Drunken white hooligans? Well everyone has always known to avoid them. Thing is, I can remember a time when most of them voted Labour. It was just after Hitler and sometime right before Populism.

And thanks, now I’ll have that horrible song Hey Jude in my head all day.

LSP said...

But not any old hoolies, GL, Millwall.

Odd to see the UK left turn their backs on their old constituency in favor of Islam and the Rainbow.

Think yourself lucky it wasn't Yellow Submarine.

LSP said...

And forgot to say, it's OK to be white, remember?

gL said...

Of course it is. Unless, of course, you get it all wrong, in which case it's the worst thing on Gods green Earth. And, what is it you Republicans like to say? They may be horrible white wankers, but at least they're our wankers? That simply won't work in this case.

LSP said...

GL, try and spot the plainclothes cops in the infovid.


LSP said...

Not a Republican, GL.

Get with the program.