Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Flood Pain

The plan was simple, elegant even. Celebrate Easter in Dallas with family then fall back to the Compound to fish and shoot.  What a good plan and phase one went perfectly, great result. Then the wheels fell off the wagon.

Around 3 am, the heavens began to roar and arc as rain crashed down on rural Texas. Sound and fury wasn't in it and the assault continued with unabated ferocity well into the morning. There's a lull, for now, but the sky's dark with menace.

Of course most of this small farming community's been washed away in the flood though the Compound still stands. A miracle? Perhaps, but fishing and shooting are off, phase two's a washout.

So the monkey snarls in frustration, barring its fangs and beating on a Hillary doll while neighboring peacocks shriek in avian rage. Blue Deluge takes it in stride, he knows that one day the rain will cease.

Wake of the flood,



LindaG said...

Glad you're okay!

LSP said...

It was pretty fierce, Linda. There's a storm cellar, fortunately, but haven't had to use it. Thank God.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Everything bigger in Texas?

LSP said...

Sure seemed that way with this storm, WSF. And for sure, the dems are hoping to change things around so they too can share in the greatness.

Scary but look what happened to Messiah Beto and his predecessor, Abortion Barbie.

I take heart from that.

Always On Watch said...

Stay high and dry!