Sunday, April 28, 2019

Resurrection - Evolutionary Leap

Are you incapable of serious thought, so-called "LSP"? Good question and for the most part, yes. So it's a good thing there's people out there to do the heavy lifting, like Benedict XVI. He describes the resurrection as an "evolutionary" or "ontological leap." From Jesus of Nazareth Pt. II:

Perhaps we may draw upon analogical language here, inadequate in many ways, yet still able to open up a path toward understanding...we could regard the Resurrection as something akin to a radical evolutionary leap, in which a new dimension of life emerges, a new dimension of human existence. Indeed, matter itself is remolded into a new type of reality. The man Jesus, complete with his body, now belongs totally to the sphere of the divine and eternal.

He continues.

Essential, then, is the fact that Jesus' Resurrection was not just about some deceased individual coming back to life at a certain point, but that an ontological leap occurred, one that touches being as such, opening up a dimension that affects us all, creating for all of us a new space of life, a new space of being in union with God.

In brief, the risen Christ is Man taken up to a wholly new level of existence, physical and bodily yet transformed and radically other through total communion with God. He has transcended death, much less the constraints of time and space.

Thomas touched this and worshiped. 

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I think he's right, Linda. The resurrection is, in Paul's words, "a new creation," a new ontology.

We can see this by analogy in terms of an "evolutionary leap" -- I like that.