Monday, July 24, 2017

Detroit's Best Ad Ever!

Dan Gilbert, multibillionaire owner of Bedrock Detroit is committed to revitalizing America's erstwhile automotive powerhouse, which is why he ran this incredible ad. It's Dan's vision for the future Motor City. 

Now, look carefully at the demographics in Dan's ad and think hard about Detroit.

Can you spot the problem? Or is it a solution? While you run the numbers on Dan's vision, here's Mayor Kwame.

He's in jail now and Dan's incredible ad has been taken down.

Good luck, Detroit.

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LL said...

Some people have suggested (unkindly) that a neutron warhead detonation over Detroit would solve the problem. If Kim Jong Un was promising that sort of urban renewal, he might a more thoughtful hearing of his goals and dreams might be received.

Adrienne said...

I wish Dan well with his project, but until the demographics change, there isn't much hope. In 1910 the city was over 98% white. Now it's about 85% black. Good luck, Dan.

LSP said...

LL, I'm not saying that a bag of corn and a mule is a solution, but I'm not saying it's not, either.

LSP said...

And still depopulating, Adrienne. I think the city center will get fixed up and turned into a hip liberal enclave of well to do hipsters and fellow travelers. The rest will get bulldozed and revert to farmland. Cotton? Who knows.