Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trans Down Under

What happens when you define truth and reality out of existence by saying it's whatever you want it to be? You get taken over by rainbow ponies and unicorns, that's what happens and Anglican clergypersons are no exception to the rule. 

Here's the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Inkpin, who recently rode the rainbow all the way down under.

Better late than never? Today I am coming out fully as a transgender person... For my coming out has profound spiritual dimensions for me which I believe are sources of healing, strength and renewal for us all. Like my little grandchild cradled in my arms in the photograph (see left) I feel more intimately part of God's 'new creation', a little child cradled in the love of God.

Pretty moving, eh? There's more, in a letter to fellow clergy dated curiously to the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene. In it, "Jo" explains that he's always been a transsexual suffering from "gender dysphoria" and is set to receive "pyschotherapy, hormonal treatments and/or various surgeries." 

These might cause:

increasing physical changes to my face and body, and to other aspects such as voice. I want to reassure you that I will still be the person you have worked with and known.

I will still be the person you have worked with and known. Well that's just it, isn't it. Either you are or you aren't, Jo, and the last time anyone checked you were a man, which is what you'll continue to be, despite chemical and surgical alteration. 

Sadly, for Inkpin and other transsexuals, the surgeon's knife and a battery of pharma can't close the deal, leaving its subject a hybrid at best and a blasphemous parody at worst. 

In either case, that nasty sense of dysphoria isn't likely to go away. But maybe pronouns will help, Inkpin closes with:

Henceforth I ask therefore that you call me Josephine, or Jo, and use female pronouns (she, her) when referring to me. I know this will take a little time to get used to, and I know that mistakes will happen at first. All I ask is that we respect with respect and care for each other as we continue to share God’s journey together.

At least it wasn't ze and zhir but still, calling yourself she and her won't make you a woman any more than forcing people to call you Dash is going to turn you into a beautiful rainbow pony or an adorable unicorn.

Unless you're a clergyperson in the Anglican Church of Australia. That's different.

Ride the Rainbow,



Unknown said...

You made that up, right? Please say that you did.

At least it is Australia and not New Braunfels.

LSP said...

I'm sorry, Keith. It's all true.

LL said...

Jo is definitely riding the rainbow.

I wonder if attendance will drop off?

He's a whited sepulcher and that's the only way that you can look at it.

the egyptian said...

that pict of jo or joe or whatever he believes he is, that cross he is wearing is the most lip thing i have ever seen, says a lot about him or her or it and its faith limp droopy soft free flowing no real form,

compared to this https://goo.gl/images/CJFErB

worn by a fine young man from our parish just ordained into the deaconate, will become a priest next year God willing

LSP said...

I was thinking that very same thing, Egyptian.

And congrats to your new ordinand!

LSP said...

It's a very discouraging trend, LL. But maybe all the Outback Trannies will fill those empty pews?