Sunday, July 9, 2017

Church of England Possessed by Rainbow Trans Demon?

Is the venerable but shrinking Church of England possessed by a rainbow trans demon? Evidence suggests that it is.

The declining denomination's decision makers, meeting in York, have voted four to one in favor of the small but influential Church adopting special trans naming ceremonies. 

These are worship rituals which celebrate and bless the new identity of a transsexual, including their name. For example, when Stephanie becomes Steve, she gets a blessing and so does Steve, when he fluidly transitions to Stephani. 

While the small and getting smaller Church of England encourages people to have sex changes by blessing the transition, it draws short at calling the new rituals Baptism. 

According to the BBC, “Such a service would not be a second baptism, however, as the Church’s teaching is that humans are made in the image of God – transcending gender – and baptism takes place only once.”

While equality advocates deplore the tiny denomination's refusal to fully acknowledge the new identity of transpersons by Baptism, they're encouraged by the Church's ban on "conversion therapy." The York Synod has even asked the UK's government to take steps to forbid the practice:

The Church of England has called on the government to ban conversion therapy and has condemned the practice, which aims to change sexual orientation, as unethical and potentially harmful.

Because the ancient but badly attended Church of England is possessed by a rainbow trans demon, persons of the gender fluid hive collective don't need conversion therapy when they get their sex change.

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Anonymous said...

When the Gay cross-dressing Emperor Nero fed Christians to Lions, tore them to pieces for public entertainment and turned them into living torches to illuminate his garden, he was simply responding to their unacceptable homophobia. Just remember #NotallLions.

Anonymous said...

The Church has cared for centuries for the sick, ill, the deformed and given shelter and opposed to cruelty to the insane, the rejected and freaks of nature. It has even accommodated extreme ascetics who mutilated themselves. However it has only been able to do this by way of a holistic vision of the design of creation and adhering to that divine vision and plan that nature is male and female. Regardless of the ohysical surgery that individuals seeking to change sex may undergo, their genetic profile remains the same. The curious position is reached where the C of E will now back you if you have life-changing mutilating surgery because you feel like it but is worried by treatments that purportedly address having those sort of feelings in the first place. Instead of a relationship with God, a relationship with a surgeon is encouraged, We are few years down the line from claims of psychological damage arising from the C of E encouraging this folly, when still-angry or neurotic victims then decide their transgender surgery was a mistake. Meanwhile many millions of people with genuine physical symptoms the world over are denied life-saving surgery and treatmets simply because of poverty.

LL said...

It would seem that given a choice of a holy and pure practice and an unholy and Satanic practice that the mawkish pagans chose to distance themselves from Christ at literally every turn. They've become a cliche for everything wrong.

LSP said...

Anonymous#1 -- that's a very good point. Everyone forgets about Nero's special wedding.

LSP said...

Anonymous #2 -- it seems we're obsessed with biology at the expense of theology and what a good point; so much easier to ignore the poor when you can sponsor a float at the nearest Pride parade.

I suppose they were born that way, which is something of an indictment.

LSP said...

LL, I think they've been driven insane by Satan.