Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ain't No God In Mexico, This Speaker Rocks

You may not know this, how could you, but the Compound suffered catastrophic 'phone failure the other day. A venerable Samsung GS4  gave up the ghost, plunging LSPland into disarray and chaos. What a disaster.

Comms got on it right away and replaced the faulty unit with a reconditioned (used) GS6. Problem solved and with it, T Mobile's streaming music service, which lets you play music off of Amazon et al at no cost to your data. Good result and it meant a new Bluetooth speaker.

I opted for the JBL Flip 4 and guess what, it sounds really good. It's filling the porch with Waylon right now and I'm impressed with the clarity and depth of sound. The little beast beast kicks out some bass, too. Happy Trails? Why not.

Moral of the story? It's good when tech works for you instead of the other way around and, if you're after a cheapish, portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker which sounds good, check out JPL's Flip 4. Review to follow.

Is there a God in Mexico? Listen to the song.



LL said...

Blue Music Critic seems to approve of the new speaker.

I think that Satan is the God of Mexico.

LSP said...

NBC likes it a lot, which is good. I'm not so sure about the Mexican deity...

LSP said...


Jules said...

ain't much better than filling one's porch full of Waylon!

LSP said...

So true, Jules!