Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Best Story You Never Heard In Your Life

Do you remember the bizarre narrative, read lie, that claimed Donald Trump and his associates were secretly in the employ of the Kremlin? That they were Russian spies, recruited by the chief of KAOS and SPECTRE, Putin himself.

You know, the same faked-up PR witch hunt spin that was put out by Hilary's handlers and their allies in the lying, corrupt, elite media without a shred of evidence. All for what? To save Hillary's losing face at the risk of another Cold War, and so what if the tactic wrecks the country's governance, it's worth it to make your enemy, the President, fail.

Well, you've all heard of karmic lashback and that seems to be on full supply right about now. Or, to put it another way, Boomerangski.

Who was it that supplied the phony Trump Dossier, apart from a British spy, and why were the notoriously criminal, blackmailing Awan brothers given top-level IT clearance at massively inflated rates, and allowed to stay on the job till the very last minute? Surely they didn't have any dirt on their Democrat Paymistress, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and friends. 

Regardless, the bogus Kremlins fairytale is dying a natural death and its cheerleaders are sloping off into the dark like dogs trying to avoid a beating. But well done, Democrats, your skulduggery and malfeasance has served to destroy cooperation between Russia and America. Too bad, we could have worked together to destroy the Islamist savages.

So much for the peace dividend; saving the optics of Hillary's ignominious and well-deserved thrashing at the polls was apparently worth it for you, our inside-the-Beltway professional ruling class.

Rumors that top Democrats are Crowleyite ritual Satanists are entirely with foundation. And don't mention the pizza.

Of course the lying, corrupt media aren't reporting any of this, making it the best story you never heard in your life.

Stand by the JAMS,



LL said...

One day when we're out fishing from stripers, remind me to tell you the story about when I realized that NOBODY in DC cared one whit about defeating the enemy or MAGA. It was two or maybe three decades ago. I'll have to check the dates on the way-back machine but the dates don't matter. Not really.

The silly thing was that I took the whole MAGA thing seriously back then only to realize that the FBI and others were chuckling at my naive approach to things.

The Democrats don't care if the ISIS savages are defeated. It's all about power in THEIR hands, about bureaucratic ass covering and it's demoralizing. I felt like Don Quixote with the mirror shining back.

It didn't make me want to stop doing the right thing and making America great, but it gave me an appreciation of who the real enemy is - and that's the deep state - the swamp.

And I'm old now, so I'm going to retire to the WWM and bunker up because I've cut off a few tentacles from the octopus, but the beast is alive and vibrant. Hillary was its poster child - and America is its enemy.

Adrienne said...

I certainly can't add one tiny thing to what LL just said. These people are holed up in DC and have not one thought or know one thing about us dirt people. And the average everyday libtard is the same way. I have no children and my husbands only son died, so I don't really care what happens, but people like LL who have children and grandchildren must feel very bad indeed.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

The press will suppress. Hey, that rhymes.

Maybe one day, perhaps a hundred years from now or so this will all be uncovered.

But now? Suppress!

LSP said...

LL, we've worked in different contexts but I feel the gist is the same.

The WWM will be a haven! Don't forget to build big fireplaces and a tower. Both are important.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I have a couple of kids. Not easy to chart the way forward for these boys...

LSP said...

Thanks for the poetry, Infidel.