Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The End of Days

Well, the summer sure went fast and now the cadets are back in their mountain fastness, the land of the ice and snow. The panfish in Lake Whitney are deeply relieved as are various species of small game, but Blue Loyalty is confused. "Where's the pack?" he seems to say.

In other news, a crazed Muslim knifed a French policewoman in the neck, in Toulouse. The fanatical Aloha Snackbar holy warrior was described as "mentally unstable" by authorities and we have to ask, why are so many Muslims mentally unstable? Is their religion a kind of psychic disorder?  

And people say DJT is a fascist for wanting to vett Muslim immigrants into the US? You know, just in case they're "mentally unstable"? 

Oh, what a Nazi for not wanting to import thousands of deranged Allahu Akbar head choppers into the country. Wake up.




LL said...

Islam is the religion of peace. You can convert to Islam or you can rest in peace. Such are the thoughts of the human lice who flooded into Europe and would be thrilled to populate the US as well (on welfare, of course).

The cadets will naturally be going through winter warfare training and I wish them well. They've had their maritime training in Central Texas this summer.

Fredd said...

Maybe we could 'surgically' implant muslims into certain areas of the country, say the south side of Chicago. A couple hundred thousand muzzies or so oughta do it.

And let them start chopping gang banger heads to their hearts' content. Just a thought.

Adrienne said...

Trump/Pence 2016. That is all.

I watched his rally last night that he had in Everett, WA. It really was an amazing speech to an over capacity crowd of 15K.

LSP said...

They certainly got lots of water, LL. Now they'll have to adjust to ice.

LSP said...

Interesting point, Fredd, and maybe something like that's coming on in Detroit, which, come to think of it, already resembles Aleppo.

LSP said...

He's certainly packing the stadiums, Adrienne.

And please, no Huma Hillary.