Saturday, August 27, 2016

Listen Up, Heathen

I'd say this was especially appropriate to the way we live now. St. Thomas Aquinas, via Dom Garrigou Lagrange:

St. Thomas, who was exceedingly humble and magnanimous, established very well the exact definition of these two virtues, which should be united, and that of the defects opposed to them. He defined pride as the inordinate love of our own excellence. The proud man wishes, in fact, to appear superior to what he really is: there is falsity in his life. When this inordinate love of our own excellence is concerned with sensible goods, for example, pride in our physical strength, it belongs to that part of the sensibility called the irascible appetite. It is in the will when it is concerned with goods of the spiritual order, such as intellectual pride and spiritual pride. This defect of the will presupposes that our intellect considers our own merits and the insufficiencies of our neighbors more than it ought, and that it exaggerates in order to raise us above them.
Love of our own excellence is said to be inordinate as it is contrary to right reason and divine law. It is directly opposed to the humble submission of the defectible and deficient creature before the majesty of God.

Inordinate love of our own excellence. Dodge the flying monkey.




LL said...

Hillary worships at the mirror in just the same way as Barack does.

Anglican womyn bishops do that to but their mirrors are cracked - that's seven years of rotten luck on top of being homely and evil.

Fredd said...

Our inordinate love of our own excellence has gotten out of control. The the bar for excellence has been lowered to the point that participation trophies are prized.

And just for the record, Hillary has been homely and evil for way longer than 7 measly years.

Euripides said...

All sin starts with pride, thinking that we know better than God or others who are far wiser than we are. Those who lead the church and follow the path of pride end up destroying entire congregations. Those who lead our country have the capacity to destroy nations.

LSP said...

LL: Womyn bishop in the mirror? For some reason I don't feel so well.

LSP said...

Fredd, I didn't know Hillary was a womyn bishop. But it makes sense, now that you say it.

LSP said...

Well said, Euripides.