Tuesday, August 2, 2016


CSM Briefs Recruits

OK, you've done your bit for King and Country by sitting in the stand while the sun sets over Texas, and it wasn't bad. Deer, turkey, hawks and all of that, but no pigs, then it was too dark to shoot. So what do you do? Wait for the Ranger to turn up from the other stand and go spotlighting.

Random Rainbow

I acted as spotter and the kids changed guns to a 12 gauge pump and a Ruger American .22. Ready to go! And remember, when shooting over the top of the vehicle your barrel is several inches lower than your scope. So don't shoot the Ranger's lighting rig off, gentlemen.

Room With a View

They didn't, but they did shoot their first coons and rabbits. Well done, boys, good snap shots on the bunnies, and I won't pretend that it wasn't neat to hear the sound and fury of the guns going off overhead and into the night. An AR added to the mix and why not? After all, you have to make sure the weapon works.

First Rabbit

Back at the Compound, the guns were unloaded, make safe!, and I showed the recruits how to skin their rabbits. That was a first for them, and a skill they're not going to learn in nanny state's rainbow hued halls of academe.

Food Isn't Grown in Supermarkets

Evening excitement over, it was time to relax. No internet, no phone service, no Hillary cavorting about like a pantsuit demon, just you, the brilliant stars overhead and the sound of the country at night.

That, just in itself, is no small thing and powerful medicine for the soul.

If you meet the Buddha on the road, shoot it.

Gun rights,



LL said...

How can you say that you've lived if you've never done that?

drjim said...

Wonderful way to spend time with family and friends.

LindaG said...

So do you eat the coons, too, or use them for bait for catfish? Just curious.
Bet that rabbit tasted good.
Will there be more to come, or did the hunt end with no porkers taken?
Stay cool and be safe!
God bless.

Brig said...

Not much is fun to hunt as wild hogs... just say'n

LSP said...

Certainly missing out if you haven't -- great experience for the young 'uns and I wasn't complaining either. Love spotlighting.

LSP said...

It sure was. Big fun!

LSP said...

We didn't eat the coons and no pigs... grrr... but still, top result.

LSP said...

Hunt the hog!