Monday, August 22, 2016

This is Texas

Yes, Texas in August, where the temperatures rarely raise above the mid 80s and it rains constantly. Not what you expected, eh? No, and neither did we. What does this mean?

Well, obviously, that everyone's wet. Not politically, don't worry, no one's turning into a progleft shill for the New World Order! On the contrary, here on the compounds we're standing tall against all of that. But we do so in the deluge and some say this signifies a victory in the War on Weather, because it's colder.

Wrong. It's a defeat. Climate logic says that the warmer it is the colder it gets, and it's colder here than it should be, so we're obviously making the climate warmer. Settled science. Texans obviously need to pay more climate taxes, then they'll be warmer and richer.

She's no Hater, She's the Attorney General

In similar news, Dallas has said no to Obama's transgenderist school bathroom policy. This means that boys who think they're girls can't use girls bathrooms and vice versa. Does oppression know no bounds?

In the wake of the flood,



LindaG said...

I certainly hope the rain lessens some. Areas of Texas are under flood watch, too, aren't they? Or are they already flooding. I pray not.

North Carolina did the same thing. BIL says they are doing just fine in NC despite all the ruckus over all the people who canceled whatever they were going to do.

Be safe and God bless.

Mattexian said...

My solution to trans in the restrooms is to rip them out and replace them with a line of port-a-potties. Target had the right idea, at first, with an enlarged single toilet restroom, calling it a "family restroom," for moms to herd their entourage into, but then some idjit at corporate decided to make a political statement and replace the signs. The funny thing was them trying to blame the sagging sales on global warming, i.e. the increased rains across the country kept shoppers away, not any kind of semi-organized boycott.

Brig said...

Good training weather!

LL said...

If we are to quote from the prog handbook, "War is Peace", and in that context, the war on the weather has brought --- oh, who knows, but an ice age will surely fallow because the Sun is following the old pattern of the Maunder Minimum, which means that there are few if any sun spots. Thus the Earth will cool as it has - MANY times.

The question is "who can cause this to happen"? I think that we need to thank Barack and the US Military for being able to control the energy output of the Sun. I'm sure that Barack would prefer if you'd express your thanks for the rain in hard (and untraceable) cash. A medicine show barker always prefers if you buy his elixir by paying cash.

Q and A

(Q) Will Texas become a rain forest?

(A) No, it will become an arctic wasteland. Austin will be under 3 kilometers of ice.

(Q) What will happen to the polar bear extinction event foretold by Al Gore?

(A) Al is always right. They will transform into massive, huge DINO-Polar Bears as their territory expands, they will move south, eating their way to the equator.

That's all I have to say on the subject. - LL

Mattexian said...

"Austin will be under 3 kilometers of ice." You say that like it's a bad thing. Some day, far in the future, archeologists will find a perfectly preserved neo-hippie, wearing Birkenstocks and tie-dyed shirts, frozen behind the wheel of his Prius, festooned with multiple bumper stickers proclaiming "Save the whales," "Free Tibet," and "Global warming is real!" That last one will give them a chuckle.

LSP said...

Crazy rain, Linda. Never seen it this way.

LSP said...

Mattexian -- remember, the warmer it is the colder it gets. That's settled science. Nice prophecy.

LSP said...

For sure, Brighid!

LSP said...

Medicine show, LL? I can't put it in words, but I'll sing you a song: