Saturday, August 20, 2016

Libs Mock You, Louisiana

While Louisiana hurts, millionaire socialists chowed down in Martha's Vineyard, vacation home of America's progleft ruling elite.

Louisiana Street Scene

Perhaps they did that because they just don't care. After all, why should they, when they're convinced of their own power, entitlement and right to rule. FBI, DOJ, Benghazi, illegal emails, pay-to-play foundationware etc, what difference does it make?

None, apparently, to the Dem agitprop shills in what passes for our media, but apparently lots to the people, who're polling for DJT. Who knows, maybe he's starting to campaign, and consider the optics.

The Campaign Begins?

At least Trump made the effort to get there, unlike the New Versailles Crew (NVC) in the Vineyard. He made it, you didn't, and any way you cut it that doesn't look good. In fact, it looks like you don't give a damn about the Americans you're claiming to represent and quite obviously don't. But how could you, you're NVC Vineyardists. 

A Queen

Let them drink champagne, like all the other socialists. But as you do, remember what happened to the L16. 

A Power Crazed Witch

It didn't go well for him or the unfortunate Antoinette.

Kick out the JAMS,



LL said...

The shrill liberal lack of a message has more to do with the point that LA won't likely go for Hillary, so who cares? It's not one nation. There are urban hells and rich liberal enclaves where a Hillary victory is foregone, in large part due to the mainstream media. The rest of the country (fly-over country) could starve as far as they're concerned. In fact, rumor has it that they may be instituting Hunger Games. You know the rest.

Barack would much rather raise money for his monument/presidential library than fly to Louisiana and deal with something that he has "people" dealing with on his behalf now.

Trump went down with Pence, but the mainstream media brushed it off as so much nonsense and PR posturing. Hillary needn't posture, she can have her seizures in Martha's Vineyard where the staff are experts at treating her.

Fredd said...

Recall Kanye West declaring that 'Bush don't care about black people' during Katrina. What would be the reaction if Taylor Swift said 'Obama don't care about white people?'

I don't think that Obama gives a rats butt about optics anymore. Not that he ever did.

Anonymous said...

British Media reporting that Obama plans to announce alien contact.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Hear, Hear!

Euripides said...

Let them play golf.

What a sad commentary on progressive ideology. Of course they'll just blame the weather (and guns) and step up the war on weather, because they care about the little people.

Obama also used the occasion to caution us not to be racists when helping flood victims. Thank you Mr. President.

LL said...

Barack said that he was heading down on Tuesday, after his vacation was over. Hillary is still on vacation but might go down there with him.

They'll get a few good shot handing out checks to black people and they they'll chopper back to Air Force One and thence to Langley AFB.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

LL, I hope not. I'm at Langley AFB this week, and we don't need that SOB any more than Louisiana does.

LindaG said...

Louisiana is not a swing state, so it doesn't matter. The problem is, he actually did us a favor. The resources it takes to protect him were needed for more important things, quite frankly.
Praying that we get someone less socialist in office this year.

LSP said...

I guess, LL, that when you're a rich lib Vineyardist, it'd be strange going to Louisiana and pretending to be concerned about the people there. Maybe the plane will crash on its way to Langley.

LSP said...

Hillary doesn't care about optics, Fredd, that's for sure, and why should she. She's got the media.

LSP said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Interesting.

LSP said...

What a crew of Vineyardists, Grunt...

LSP said...

Me too, Linda, especially when "socialist" seems to mean having a private jet and more ready money that a skiff-full of Nazi gold.

LSP said...

Good luck, Grunt.

LindaG said...

Hmm. Seems blogger doesn't like two people commenting at the same time. How weird.
Anyway. I had commented after your post about a plane crash, which doesn't read quite right, now, haha.

And put Joe Biden in charge? I'm not sure that wouldn't be worse.

And there you have it. Maybe Blogger will let me comment now.