Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The RAF Goes Jihad

Stephen Mustafa Gray

A former member of Great Britain's legendary RAF, Stephen Mustafa Gray, has been convicted on three counts of preparing acts of terror.

Gray, who served in the RAF Regiment as a gunner in the Iraq war, later converted to Islam and tried to join the Jihad in Syria. He was accompanied by another UK Muslim convert, Raymond Matimba, known as Abu Qaqa Britani Afro. Gray was turned back from Syria and returned to the UK, leaving Abu Qaqa to join ISIS in Raqqa.

Abu Qaqa in Raqqa

The two convert Muslims were assisted by a paraplegic Jihadi from Manchester, Abdal Raouf Abdallah, who worked for the Royal Mail. Abdallah has also been charged under the Terrorism Act, though Abu Qaqa Britani Afro remains at large.

Who knows, maybe the Russians will get Abu Qaqa, or maybe he's one of the deserters that ISIS recently buried alive

The Mailman

Some argue that there's an terrorist Muslim 5th Column in Great Britain. That's absurd. As everyone knows, Islam's a religion of peace, not terror. Like Buddhism, only way more peaceful.




Anonymous said...

And that is why the RAF Regiment are known in British Army slang as 'Rock Apes', a reference to the Barbary Apes that live on the Rock of Gibraltar. The RAF Regiment hate the nick name, but they are going to get so much grief from the Army about this.

LSP said...

Right, I remember, the Rock Apes. Fierce crew, as I recall.

Then there's "Mustafa." And Raymond "Abu Qaqa Britani Afro," and The Wheelchair Mailman.

Couldn't make it up. Well you could, but it'd be true.