Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spanking Time!

Are you looking for that perfect gift? The one that says it all to your loved one or friend? Then look no further than this realistically styled and affordably priced action figure.

"Vladimir Putin is a charismatic president loved by many people. He has often been a subject of good and harmless jokes. This action figure is no exception. It shows how the head of the Russian Federation in the search for alternative solutions is committed when diplomacy does not work."

Sold by all_russian_treasures, the Putin Spanks Obama action figure can be bought on ebay here, for a mere EUR 51.95.

Worth it at twice the price.



Mattexian said...

I think the Putin- bear cavalry figure from the same seller is much more your style, Padre.

LSP said...

i didn't see that. Thanks, Mattexian.