Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Get Back in The Fight

When the action goes against you, you can give up, defeated. Or you can reengage, get back in the fight and win. I chose the latter path, it wasn't easy.

After vicious setbacks, culminating in thieves stealing my rods right out of the bed of the rig this morning, I was tempted to pack the whole fishing thing in, at least for the week. But no, that would've been useless and defeated, so I rearmed.

Several Ugly Sticks and an Abu Gracia and a Mitchell reel later, there was Lake Aquilla, fish beckoning. I tried my luck by the ramp with worms, and sure enough they were biting, but no strikes. So change it up, put a red treble hook on the line and try some strawberry catfish bait. Yum, fish love that, although, to be honest, I've never caught anything with it.

First cast and... bam! Something hit the hook and ran with it. A Bass and a decent little fish at that, putting up plenty of fight and leaping out of the water like Bass are supposed to do. Great result. Reel it in.

Next up, a catfish took the line. It wasn't big but not shy of a fight either, and there it was, another fish. Then low ominous clouds scudded in from the Northeast, the wind picked up and the lake got choppy, so I called it a day.

Moral of the story? Don't give up, like a sad loser, get back in the fight and fish.

Fish On,



LL said...

FISH ON - and on - and on. It sounds as though things worked out and your mojo is firmly in place.

LSP said...

I was afraid I'd lost it for a bit there, but everything snapped back into place. I'd like to catch the rod thieves though.

Fredd said...

I'm not much of a catfish eater, Pastor. What kind of bait can I use to catch lobster and filet mignon?

And don't tell me I need a boat, you know how I feel about those dang contraptions.

LSP said...

That's an interesting question, Fredd. Lobster and Filet Mignon are hugely attracted to two things, Hedge Fund Managers (HFM) and Corporate Lobbyists (CL).

So why not set up, camouflaged as an HFM/CL and then, when they least suspects it, shoot the lobster and the filet with your .357 Mag. One well placed shot should get BOTH. Hey presto, dinner.

Fredd said...

My .357 Mag is loaded with hollow points, so dinner would get vaporized. Hedge Fund Managers, eh? Who knew? Now that I'm a Texan, maybe I oughta just lasso me a few o' them HFMs, wrastle them to the ground, hog tie 'em, and then before I brand 'em with my red hot branding iron, ask 'em where my dang lobster and filet mignon are.