Friday, May 6, 2016

Don't be a Loser, Ride The Horse

It's been hard to ride lately on account of the floods but the waters have receded a bit, which means get on the horse. And that's what I did, after flying the flag at a cowboy church men's prayer breakfast. 

They're a good bunch of guys, the cowboys, with a pretty straight up kind of faith. Enlivened by that, I tacked up in the morning sunshine and rode out. Trace was eager enough and it was simply good to get out in the country on horseback. I find it clears the mind.

Gallop up The Hill

It's good exercise, too, provided you put some work into it, and we did, horse and rider, galloping along through the incredibly, for Texas, green countryside.

Ride over, I turned the herd out into their big pasture, where they can get up to mischief and eat lots of grass.


There's a satisfaction to all of this which is hard to put into words, but I will say this -- riding's good for mind, body and spirit. Unless you fall off and get killed, in which case it's a different story again.

With that in mind, stay on the horse,



LL said...

After a large country breakfast in Texas, I think that there's some sort of rule requiring you to saddle and ride a horse. If that's true, you're only following the rules. But if it's not a rule, it should be.

Horses have their own personalities and spirits and I always found that riding calmed whatever troubled me. The light, the space, the scenery and the horse itself always brought things into their proper perspective

LSP said...

Well said and it works that way for me too -- light, space, scenery and, for excitement, speed. Maybe it's over said, but there's great satisfaction, too, in moving along at one with the horse. Even part way there is good.

Must ride more.