Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bronze Age, Behold Your Chieftain

"So you have the water, you have the steaks... You have the wines and all of that."

Trump stormed through Indiana like a Bronze Age Chieftain, crushing Cruz by 16 percentage points in his landslide victory. Cruz has dropped out of the race and it's reported that Kasich will end his bid for the presidency today, leaving Trump the presumptive GOP nominee. But can the billionaire businessman beat Hillary?

If he loses it won't be for lack of opportunity. Hillary isn't liked, she doesn't resonate with people, there's an air of entitled, political insider-elite, smug dishonesty that hangs over her like a cloud. Even her own party isn't excited by Hillary and no wonder, there's no charism in her campaign, but there is plenty of strident, hectoring, shrill ambition. And then there's the scandals.

Clinton Foundation cash, Benghazi and the video set-up, Servergate and the missing emails, Whitewater, the Clinton body count and on and on. And she's under investigation by the FBI and facing a possible indictment. None of this makes Hillary look good, in fact it makes her look bad; the optics are dismal.

Now that Trump's seen off his GOP opposition he can start on Hillary, and like any Bronze Age Chieftain, it's a safe bet to say he thrives on red meat. There's no shortage of that in the form of the Democrat frontrunner's malfeasance, perceived or actual.

Of course she might be in prison before it's all said and done, which means a slugout with Bern.

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LL said...

Then there is the matter of the flying monkeys who surround Hillary. What will be their fate with the demise of the punditry class on K Street? Most of them are lawyers who attach themselves to wealthy political hosts but does Harry Reid need his own coterie of flying monkeys?

Nancy Pelosi (herself a flying monkey) feels secure in San Francisco, which exceeds Austin in depravity and bizarre behavior. She may go in for more plastic surgery to keep her skin stretched tight and maintain that youthful glow.

With Trump as the presumptive Bronze Age Chieftain, there will be scraps that will fall from his table. Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior? Newt Gingrich as VP or SECSTATE? And what about Marco Rubio - beloved of female voters and hispanics - VP? Rudy Giuliani will land Sec of Homeland Security. LTGEN Michael Flynn as Sec Def? I want to be ambassador to the Court of St. James, but don't think that I'm on the short list.

Adrienne said...

Red meat? I think Hillary is more like the other white meat - on the hoof.

LSP said...

It'll be interesting to see who he picks -- hearing lots of "Rubio for VP" but I wouldn't want to bet on any of it.

Looking forward to your new role as Ambassador to CSJ. You can help build the 'special relationship."

LSP said...

I might have to change that last bit, Adrienne.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Ben Franklin was right. We have a Republic, if we can keep it. We weren't able to keep it.

lukeya said...

Nothing lasts forever...why not come back and sling your lot in with us Brits again? We can leave the EU then, knowing we're in good hands, and you get the prestige of the Court of St James, nice young Queen, good looking young King, never having to vote for them again...;-) (only kidding) And you could even get politics where parties try and say what they are: Conservative (what it says on the tin), Liberal Democrat (moderate) and Labour (socialist).

LSP said...

"Nothing lasts forever" -- so true and we can only hope that applies to Hillary's avoidance of jail. Send. Her. Down. And while we're at it, give Kate Canada. I think she'd rule wisely.

All hail the Bronze Age.