Sunday, May 29, 2016


There we were , somewhere in Texas, fishing for Bass, and they weren't biting, until they did. Clamp! Vise-like jaws snapped shut on an alluring dark plastic worm and in came a fish, an apocalyptic leviathan of a Bass.

GWB soon caught up with some swift action, and after an hour at the lake we were neck and neck at 3 fish each. By then the sun was setting, the lake was still as glass and it just seemed right to try out the Tiny Torpedo topwater method.

A small strike, almost more of a gulp, later and kaboom! A big fish was on, leaping and fighting, playing out the drag as it stormed and thrashed out of the water. Excitement wasn't in it, this was a serious fish.

As if on cue, lightning flashed through the thunderheads, right there, at the Basschaton.

Tight Lines,



LL said...

Fishing at the lake has certainly improved from the old days when you felt lucky to get a strike from a sunfish or small cat.

Well done!

Fredd said...

That's one meaty bass, there, Pastor.

LSP said...

Thanks, LL. The fishing seems to have escalated...

LSP said...

Sure was, Fredd. The first one was a bit larger, too. A good evening's fishing!

LL said...

I think that you two are ready for the big Bass Tournament!!