Thursday, May 5, 2016


Listen up, you lot. It's the Feast of the Ascension today so you'd better get to Mass. Here's a prayer, and none of your newfangled nonsense, either:

GRANT, we beseech thee, Almighty God, that like as we do believe thy only-begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ to have ascended into the heavens; so we may also in heart and mind thither ascend, and with him continually dwell, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

It's also Cinco de Mayo and the commemoration of Mexico's great victory over the Frenchmen. I'd say that was cause enough for a double celebration.

God bless,



LL said...

At a local Mexican church (Templo de Nuevo Vida) in SoCal near where I live, there is a sign out front that they are offering tequila as part of sacrament instead of traditional wine because of Cinco de Mayo. In this era of cowboy churches and snake churches, it's not surprising that there would be a "Mexican twist" on communion.

I seriously thought of going to the church and asking if the tequila would be served in a shot glass with a lime and salt. My guess is that it will be. And it might help swell their numbers, particularly if they offer more than one shot.

There is a lot of divergence from tradition. Woman bishops, the embrace of homosexuality in clergy, the embrace of practices closer to pagan than Christian - makes the move to tequila seem rather tame by comparison.

LSP said...

Some people use snakes to fill the pews, others "ride the rainbow" and dance around in goofy clown outfits. I think a tequila give-away sins on the better side of valor. Of course the Baptists might disagree, unless it was packaged in a brown paper bag. Then no one would know.

LL said...

I drove by the "Temple of New Life" today at lunch time and the parking lot was filled to capacity. (usually no more than about 3 cars) Apparently tequila is a draw. Nobody who goes to this church speaks English (publicly) as far as I know. They were also bar-b-que-ing carne and pollo in the parking lot, so it's not just tequila on Cinco de Mayo.

Anonymous said...

We had decent attendance for Ascension Mass. it's Novus Ordo, Catholic; no altar servers or incense, unfortunately. At least we don't have "liturgical dance" like those picture you post sometimes!

LSP said...

Now I want some BBQ, LL. Good church growth tactic.

LSP said...

Nothing quite like a good dose of Liturgical Dance, B&B. But we just had a Low Mass here -- it's the great forgotten Feast, sadly. I should do more to talk it up.