Monday, February 29, 2016

Millionaire Socialist Buffoon

Millionaire socialist celebrity, Leonardo DiCaprio, lectured the world last night about the dangers of Global Warming, after finally winning an Oscar

“Climate change is real. It is happening right now," said the star of the Revenant, "It is the most urgent threat affecting our species. We need to work together and stop procrastinating.”

DiCaprio has a personal interest in Climate Change, after the weather forced polar bears off of melting ice caps and onto the Revenant movie set, where they turned brown and "took" the rich Hollywood movie star.

Shocked audiences watched in horror as the rich young socialist was taken by a bear, all because of anthropocentric global warming brought on by out of control CO2 emissions from DiCaprio's private jet.

Leonardo, you were great in the Wolf of Wall Street and the midget scene was pretty neat, but you are still a millionaire socialist buffoon. 

Just another soldier in the war, the War on Weather.



Fredd said...

I have always insisted to whoever was listening to me (which is nobody, most of the time) that movie stars should stick to what got them where they are: pretending to be what they are not in front of a camera, and leave serious issues to others.

We never ask a world class chef to change our oil, do we? Of course not, that's not their niche. We don't ask world class cellists to paint our living rooms, right? Or ask world class mathematicians to fix a leak in our plumbing. It's just not something they would likely have any success at.

But these actors, they all think that since they are getting an Oscar for portraying somebody who died a 100 years ago, that their opinion on politics should carry some weight. Ludicrous, if you ask me. What they understand is that they certainly can command air time on occasion, and they use that time to spout idiocy. They didn't get to where they were in show biz by their brains. What kind of education does Leo have? It turns out that this guy who has everything all figured out, and the rest of us have no clue, dropped out of high school. He's what we call a high school drop out. Yes, he went back to adult ed and got a G.E.D., but that doesn't erase the label of high school drop out from his resume.

And we should be listening to this guy? Who has gone through life pretending to be things he is not? Professionally? I think not.

Adrienne said...

The Oscars had the lowest rating in 10 years. No one cares what these mental midgets have to say. And I sure don't want to see their movies.

LSP said...

You'd think he'd pause before lecturing everyone on their carbon footprint and then climbing onto his private jet, Fredd. But I guess not.

No wonder the bear had a go at him.

LSP said...

There's something about the spectacle of a millionaire socialist celeb private jetting around the world while lecturing it on "emissions" that enrages the bears, Adrienne. And who can blame them?

LL said...

I for one would like to see how Leonardo fares against a wild grizzly bear. In fact I'd buy a ticket, a hot dog and a soda. Or if not a grizzly, an enraged puma would do....bring the grizzly onto his private jet for even more fun.

LSP said...

I like it, LL.

Stay glued to the screen as DiCaprio is pitted against wild animals on elite modes of transport -- DiCaprio v. Puma on private jet, DiCaprio v. Polar Bear on luxury cruise liner, DiCaprio v. Wolf on private yacht. The list is endless.

I see a series.

LL said...

A series or better still a cage match with no possibility of a re-run.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

You know climate change caused the Titanic to sink.