Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's Bushcraft Wednesday, on Thursday!

The thing about Bushcraft is that it's all about surviving in the bush, in the wild, and part of that means knowing you're not in some kind of petting zoo.

Here at the Compound we hope you find this short infovideo helpful.

Be prepared or, as we say in the community, loaded for bear.

Your Friend,



LL said...

I think of Barack out alone, and afraid in the woods, screaming for his bodyguards but there's nobody there. And up rides Putin on the back of a grizzly bear or something. Or Trump flies over in his 757 and tosses out a gnawed on turkey leg for Barack to pick clean.

Being out in the bush for real, alone and unprepared is not a high school prom now - and it never was. People die these days mostly because they're completely unprepared. Civilization is prevalent everywhere. You can use a SatPhone as a type of skyhook to get help. But if you lose the skyhook, and you're out there on your own, it's best that you've spent time reading this blog, or that you spent some time in the Service, or that you had somebody to teach you not to be stupid.

LSP said...

Obama should think twice before riding his bicycle in the woods. Putin would be OK though, he's a friend of the bears.

Could you please skyhook Hillary to the nearest penitentiary? Thanks.

jenny said...

...aaaannnnddd, this is what I'll be thinking of when I'm trail biking alone in Utah in 9 days. :) Bring it, Adrenaline.

LSP said...

Look, you must promise to be very careful out there! Take a satphone, at least, and stay well clear of about to be unemployed presidents being chased by ferocious bears.