Saturday, February 20, 2016

Marcus Borg is Dead

The world-renowned scholar, author, professor and theologian, Marcus Borg, is dead. He died last year; he is still dead, although his great thoughts live on.

Borg was a Christian who didn't believe that Jesus was God and rose from the dead, or perform any miracles. He didn't believe in the Bible either, for him it was just a myth, but he did believe in his new religion, Panentheism, which says that everything is God.


Penentheism is like pantheism, except that it has an "en" in the middle of it. It is not like Christianity, which is why Borg was made a Canon Theologian in the Episcopal Church and served at Trinity Cathedral, in Portland, Oregon.

The Jesus Seminar

Borg became a superstar for debunking Jesus' divinity on Robert Funk's celebrity Jesus Seminar, in which genius scholars played with colored beads and decided the Gospels weren't true. Once they'd said that a few times the Jesus Seminar wasn't famous anymore. 

Kahn and Funk

Robert Funk should not be confused with the former IMF NWO Illuminati financier, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, even though both of them were against Jesus.

A Typical Head on Mars

Like the Jesus Seminar, and possibly Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Marcus Borg is not famous anymore. But that might change, his head has been found on Mars.

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LL said...

America has the technology to launch his head to Mars and softly land it there. Of course, he will still be dead.

From a restroom wall in Thailand:

"God is dead!" - Nietzsche
(under that)
"Nietzsche is Dead!" - God

This ends the daily sermonette from the Vicar General

LSP said...

Some say that there's a fine line between science and magic.

Borg and the Jesus Seminar claimed to know the science of God, but they were just carnival conjurers making a quick buck out of magic tricks on the Gospel. But hey, it fooled the mug punters in the Episcopal Church and New York Times.