Thursday, February 18, 2016

Keep Your Hat On!

How do you keep your cowboy hat on? Staples. But seriously, there you are, riding along, and you pick up a canter and then a gallop, which is great but you want to go further and faster, so you change gear and accelerate to a run. A fast full-tilt run across the open countryside, wind in your face, at one with the horse, the landscape blurring by on either side and then, oh no! your hat flies off. Not so awesome, eh?

Don't worry, it happens; the wind gets under the brim of the wretched hat and blows it off your head, and you have to stop everything to go back for the thing. But it doesn't have to be that way, all's not lost.

You can get a hat with a deep crown, unlike mine, and jam it on your head when you pick up speed. That may help, or you can attach a stampede string, or "chin strap," which will keep the hat on your head as long as you make sure the string's attached to the hat band. If you rely on bent cotter pins alone you might find that they straighten up under the pressure of the wind and off flies the hat as the string detaches.

Or you can try this. Turn down the sweatband at the back of the hat and discover that doing this makes a kind of suction, which grips the hat firmly onto your head, as if by magic. You can also pad out the sweatband to produce a tighter fit; that'd probably do in place of a string, but I haven't tried it.

If you want extra hat security, try using a string and the magic sweatband trick, it's worked for me. And if you're the kind of horseman that rides in a ball cap, you can attach it to your coat with a cord, paracord will do. When it comes off it dangles, annoyingly, but you don't lose it.

There. Problem, solution, and that's what this blog is all about.

Stay on the horse,



LL said...

Cowboys in the movies never have their hats blown off... You may be doing something wrong.

LSP said...

I think they use staples, LL. But that's Hollywood for you.

Adrienne said... could just not wear a hat. I know - blasphemy. Since the Pope has declared me a non-Christian, can I even commit blasphemy? Weird times.

LSP said...

True, and I do that too. But you want a hat in the fierce sun. Someone needs to have a word with F1's PR team...

darlin said...

I agree LSP, every man on a horse (or woman) needs a hat. A person on a horse without a hat, well that's just not cool. I'd be in the lost your hat lineup when we returned though, well unless I was fully prepared and had staples.

LSP said...

All about the hat, Darlin.