Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Four Seasons

Everyone wants to stay at the Four Seasons because it has Sweepstakes, Internet and Fun Time. "What's the 'Fun Time'?" I asked the old rocker behind the counter of the next door gas station. I was curious, "Would that be Internet or Sweepstakes?" 

He pondered this for a moment, "Well, they can go in there and get on the internet, which can be kind of fun. Then they can gamble." Maybe I didn't look too convinced at the prospect and the truth came out, "And there's a bar." That would account for it, mystery solved. 

We talked for a bit about England and its pubs, which I miss, and he asked what had gone wrong with the country and how soon it'd turn Muslim. "How'd that happen?" he asked, pushing back his hair. 

Random Gun & Hat

"Good question," I replied, "They went lib, shariasymp lib. ISIS laughs." My new friend agreed, he had no time for commies, libs or the Jihad of Peace, but he did like Churchill.

So stay at the Four Seasons and visit the gas station. You'll find it on Hwy 22, heading west to Lake Whitney.

God bless,



LL said...

The Four Seasons is known for it's luxurious accommodations. It's where the beautiful people go. Naturally you were there with the man that liked Churchill and didn't like Mooselims.

LSP said...

It seemed to make a kind of sense.

LL said...

It's like a Club Med at Lake Whitney...

LSP said...

And that's just the internet. Speaking of Lake Whitney, I think an striper expedition might be on the horizon.

Mattexian said...

We have two restaurants in town named Pho Seasons, both of them are Vietnamese soup-and-noodle places, fairly nice if you like that sort of thing.