Monday, December 30, 2013

O Canada, Calgary

Calgary still has a High Street

Right after Christmas I like to go to Calgary, which is an oil and gas boomtown in Alberta. Some people think that Calgarians are rude and anti-social but I've never found that; there's maybe some frontier spirit in the air but that's good and I get the feeling that Alberta stands out from the rest of Canada in an independent rancher kind of way. A bit like a North Western Texas that'd been pioneered by Scots, Irish and assorted sons of the Empire.

What! No looting?

Unlike Texas, it's a bit chilly here, with plenty of snow and ice and, strangely, none of the looting, burning and bad mayhem that you expect in the Lone Star State whenever it looks as though temperatures threaten to fall below freezing. 

Maybe that's because Canadians are an orderly crew? Who knows, but credit to them for settling this Province in the cold snow and ice.

I like this City.




Mad Padre said...

Hello Parson:
I'm not surprised that you like Calgary. Alberta is a lot like Texas in terms of culture, people, and the number of pickups on the roads, Only, as you say, colder. Calgary has a different feel to the other big city there, Edmonton, which I find reminds me of Austin - both government towns, Sad to say I don't live in Aberta any more, I rather liked it there,
Enjoy your visit and happy new year.

LL said...

If they get too bored they can import Toronto's mayor to liven things up. Seriously, LSP, if you want a fun New Year's eve, who better than Rob Ford to lead the party?

LSP said...

Thanks MP -- I prefer Calgary to Edmonton but don't know the latter too well.

God bless.

LSP said...

Now you're talkin', LL.