Friday, September 6, 2013

Drone Hunting, TEC in Iker Smackdown

Shoot it Down

Drone hunting? What's not to like, though given my recent lack of success against the predatory dove, I probably wouldn't be much help in clearing our unfriendly skies. Still, I understand it's open season, at least in Colorado.


In other news, it's game on against the Episcopal Church (TEC) in the diocese of Fort Worth, where Bishop Iker has scolded TEC litigants, suggesting that they pay attention to the Apostle and stop suing. Good luck with that. Here's an excerpt from everyone's favorite go-to trad Anglican lawyer, A.S. Haley:

We regret that millions of dollars have been spent on legal fees by both sides. All of this could have been avoided in an amicable separation process as provided for by the Diocese for any congregation that wished to remain in TEC. This was accomplished in the case of three churches by a simple transfer of property title to the local congregations. However, TEC insisted on blocking further transfers and sued for everything, resulting in a long, protracted process of litigation.

But now the end is in sight. The Dennis Canon is dead in Texas. Corporations are authorized to control their own decisions and affairs without the interference of third parties. That’s the law. Perhaps in light of these rulings by our Supreme Court, those who have sued us and sought to deprive us of our property might see the wisdom of terminating their continued use of the courts contrary to 1 Cor. 6:1-7. Let’s get on with the mission of the Church and apply our limited resources to advancing the Kingdom of Christ rather than to continued litigation.


TEC's leaderene, Jefferts Schori, who is an Illuminati shill and well-known NWO puppet, was heard to say "I hate you, Iker!" unavailable for comment.




Anonymous said...

Didn't Davy Crockett say "You may go to Hell, I will go to Texas".

LSP said...

I think he did, Anon! Of course there are several similarities between the two destinations; intense heat, for one, and while they have The Pit, we have Houston. But still, good to see TEC get a bit of a hiding.

Third News said...

Regrettably, both have politicians