Monday, June 25, 2018

The Alien Invasion

Lord of the Flies

There's business. Is Bezos even a human name?


What about Zuckerberg. A tiny ET with big Alien ambition?

Space Alien

Or Strzok. Now that's hardly a human name, is it.


Then there's the media. Is Rachel Maddow a hybrid?

The Red Cuck

And are the aliens thrashing in reptilian rage at MAGA thwarting their plans for global domination? Don't say Red Cuck  Restaurant.

Good Heavens

Are space aliens taking over? You be the judge,



LL said...

The will do anything from allowing citizens to take the nation back from the Deep State.

Which brings to mind the historical nature of the Illuminati and the potential for alien invasion far longer ago than we thought at first.

Jules said...

They walk among us, LSP.

LSP said...

It really seems that way, Jules.

LSP said...

LL, I think it's pretty clear we're looking at a long range plan here.

MAGA has upset that. Just look at the owners of the Red Cuck.