Friday, July 21, 2017

Is The Bishop of Chichester a Rainbow Pony?

Church of England observers are suggesting that the Bishop of Chichester, Martin Warner, is a rainbow pony.

"Today's society does not get to trump the whole canon of scripture inspired by God the Holy Spirit - damage done by the institutional Church or by misguided individual Christians is a vain, arrogant and misguided argument, typical of a rainbow pony," stated one pundit, "Same sex attraction does not move one toward perfection."

Others agree. "I always thought the Bishop of Chichester was a man but after his statement on the recent Sex Synod I'm not so sure. He sounds a lot like a rainbow pony," opined one Synod watcher.

The allegations followed Warner's comments on the CofE's York Synod, which voted to welcome people who had undergone sex change treatment and asked the House of Bishops to develop special naming rituals for transsexuals. The Synod also voted to ban "conversion therapy" for people who wanted to change their same-sex attraction. 

Warner appeared to sanction the Synod debates and their outcome, hailing them as an indication of "engagement with some of the most important, complex and sensitive human stories in today's society." He went on to state that "more time will be needed" to "understand what we have learned at Synod."

The Bishop of Chichester concluded his endorsement of the Synod's gay and trans advocacy by implying it was part of God's "movement of all things to perfection."

"Whatever narrative emerges from our interrogation of received wisdom and contemporary experience, we as Christians must be explicit about the God who creates us in love and who in mercy and tenderness sustains the movement of all things to perfection, over the rainbow."

Martin Warner has been Bishop of Chichester since 2012. 



Anonymous said...

WTF? He is SSC!

LL said...

That may account for dramatically shrinking congregations.

LSP said...

Anonymous, the Rainbow comes in all shapes and sizes.

LSP said...

LL, you are a solutions provider and a pragmatist.