Saturday, April 30, 2016

There's a Peacock by the Woodpile

This small farming community managed, somehow, to survive last night's storm, and so did the neighbor's peacocks.

Last Night's Sheet Lightning

One of them was over by the woodpile when I got back from some church work this morning. It's one of two and perhaps before too long there'll be a serious peacock operation here. Lord knows, the town could use a growth industry.

Hope 'n Change didn't seem to make that happen and the Government's wondering why people aren't too happy about that. 

I mean to say, what's wrong with you? You may not have any money and there's no real jobs to speak of, but you can get a gay marriage and a sex-change while shopping at Target. 

C'mon, everybody, lighten up,



LL said...

What does Blue Marauder think of the peacock that has taken up residence?

LSP said...

He hasn't noticed -- yet...

LL said...

I'm guessing that it will end up on the grill.

LSP said...

A quick sear followed by indirect heat. Food of Kings.